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Microsoft Reveals Fable Legends Release Date in SDCC 2015 Recap Video

While a date for Fable Legends wasn’t officially been given, it appears that Microsoft may have given the release date away in their own San Diego Comic-Con recap video. This all but confirms when we’ll be able to play the free-to-play game.

If you watch the video and wait until the 1:50 mark you’ll the game is shown, as well as a release date. This date has been revealed to be October 13. This release will be for the Xbox One and PC.

What will interest fans the most is that this is one of the games that promises cross-play between the Windows 10 and Xbox One. With Party Chat also spreading over Microsoft’s two systems, soon this will be perfect to experience the new Fable multiplayer “experience.”

In what feels to be a slightly diluted Fable world, Fable Legends is about multiplayer battles, fighting enemies in a co-operative way with the ability for one player to use Smartglass to be the “evil” mastermind managing the monsters and building a strategy against the other players.

Exclusive to Microsoft’s Xbox One and PC, Fable Legends runs on the Unreal Engine 4 and does look graphically impressive, even if the gameplay itself may not have sparked as much interest as Microsoft would probably have hoped.

This may be the reason for its free-to-play status, which is a shame when you think back to the glory of previous Fable games.

Are you looking forward to Fable Legends? Let us know your thoughts below.