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Dying Light Crafting Components Farming Locations Guide

Crafting is the part and parcel of surviving in Dying Light.

It allows you to make Customized Weapons, Throwable Weapons, Medkits, and more. In order to craft something, you will need a recipe (called Blueprint) and crafting components. Both these things can be acquired scattered throughout the open-world.

For more help on how Crafting System works and where to find all Blueprints in the game, check our Dying Light Blueprints Locations.

Dying Light Crafting Components Farming

Your Night Sense is of paramount importance when it comes to detecting crafting components in containers and other stashes.

Furthermore, do note that industrial areas mostly contain Metal Parts, Blades, and other items while Weapons are mostly locked inside vehicles and buildings. Another thing to keep in mind is that some crafting components (like Common Plants and Algae) appear on the map which makes it easy to find them.

Following is a quick rundown of where you can salvage various crafting components:

Key: Crafting Components – Possible Locations

  • Alcohol – Refrigerators
  • Batteries – Toolkits
  • Chemicals – Cabinets, Kitchen Areas
  • Duct Tape – Toolkits, Workshops
  • Electronics – Toolkits and Locked Containers
  • Gauze – Medicine Cabinets
  • Home Supplies – Dressers, Cabinets
  • Metal Parts – Trash Bins, Dismantled Items
  • Nails – Warehouses, Supply Rooms, Dressers
  • Plastic – Toolkits, Containers
  • Power Cable – Industrial Areas, Warehouses
  • String – Dressers, Simple Containers
  • Tin Can – Toolkits, Containers
  • Toxic Plant – Cliff Areas
  • Underwater Algae – Coastal Areas (Underwater)
  • Common Plant – Wilderness Areas
  • Fluorescent Mushrooms – Caves
  • Blade – Toolkits
  • Hunter Gland – Search Hunter Bodies
  • Bolter Tissue – Search Bolter Bodies

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