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The Crew Golden Plates Codes – How to Unlock Reward Cars

the crew
Golden Plates Challenge Codes can be redeemed into Xbox Live, Playstation Network, or Uplay. These codes will entitle players to win various cool in-game rewards in Ubisoft’s CarPG, The Crew.

For more information on Golden Plate Challenge Codes, check out The Crew’s official weblog.

As of this instant, there are a fistful of codes that have been discovered. Read on to find a list of working Golden Plates Challenge Codes:

  • 6M9E4A4U
  • 9G7Q4K5G
  • 2D2H5M7W
  • 8C8T2F7L
  • 7M2F4E7K
  • 7F3A7C6F
  • 9P8E9G3H
  • 9P8W9T4T
  • 9S7H9W5Y
  • 4T4R6X6X
  • 9K3H5N3F
  • 3W2J7W2B

If there are some more codes that you have discovered. Do share them with us in the comments below!