GTA 5 Animals Locations ‘Wildlife Photography Guide

By   /   Nov 22, 2014

One of the new additions, exclusive to the next gen version of GTA V are the Wildlife Photography missions. After completing the first Paparazzo Strangers and Freaks mission, players receive a text from Beverly telling them that their name has been sent for a photography challenge.

GTA 5 Animals Locations

Players have to find 20 animals across the map and take their pictures. Successful completion rewards them with the Kraken Submarine. Players can send the photos as soon as they take them to LS Tourist Info to check that specific animal off the list.

Some of the animals from the list are pretty basic ones like cats or dogs who can be found roaming the city streets but there are some which can be pretty challenging to find in the wilderness.

Hopefully, this guide will make it easier for players to find them and complete the list.

Boar can be found in the Grand Senora Desert, on the trail just southeast of the Redwood Lights Track. Instead of walking around and looking for it, which might scare the animal away, players should wait at one spot until the boar comes near

Cow can also be found in the same location as the boar, in a grassy field inside the desert. Once players have taken the picture of both, they can send it to LS Tourist Info to check them off the list

Border Collie
Dog can be found sitting at the corner of Prosperity Street in Vespucci Canals area while his owner checks out the nearby shop

Cat can be seen walking down a street in West Vinewood and then curling up to sleep in a driveway

Found flying by the dirt track off the east highway out of Vinewood Hills.

A cormorant can be found in the same place as the chicken-hawk if players wait patiently

Coyotes can be found in the Grand Senora Desert just south of Trevor’s airstrip. It’s better to approach them at night since they are most probably resting at this time while approaching them during day time requires stealth or coyotes will run away.

Crows can also be seen flying in the Grand Senora Desert, near the coyotes. Most commonly seen just north of the airstrip.

They can be seen grazing in the forested area at the base of Mount Chilliad. Deers have keen senses so players need to sneak up to them to take a proper picture or they will run away

Hens can be found next to a hutch in the back garden of a house in Paleto Bay.

Husky can be found in the back garden of the Richman Mansion. Players visit the mansion during the Rich Men in Richman GTA Online mission but the mansion plays no part in the singleplayer story. The dog however does appear in the singleplayer.

The retriever also appears in the same mansion as the husky so players might need to revisit the place multiple times until they have the picture of both breeds

Mountain Lion
Lions can be found wandering the cliffs in the Banham Canyon of Tongva Hills. It’s important to take a vehicle such as a car or a jeep here so players can climb on to it and take the picture. If they stand on the ground, the lion might attack. If players fail to submit the photo before being attacked, the submission doesn’t count.

As expected, the pigs can be found in the pig sty on a farm in the Great Chaparral area.

Poodle can be found on the loop in the streets in Morningwood, close to the Richman mansion.

Pug is in the same area, the street loop near Richman mansion, just like the poodle so players might need to revisit the area

West Highland Terrier
This is the third dog which can be found on the same street like the pug and poodle. Only one of these animals appears at a time so players need to visit the area multiple times until they have the pictures of all three breeds.

Rabbits can be seen hopping around on the hills of the park north of Franklin’s Vinewood Hills house. Players need to take the picture from a distance as even a stealth approach will scare them away if players get too close.

Franklin’s personal dog, Chop fits the bill for this. Players can just go to Franklin’s house in Vinewood Hills and take the picture

A lot of seagulls fly around the Dell Perro Pier and Beach area. Players can take the picture when they land on the pier but they need to be careful and not get too close or the seagulls will fly away.

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