Grid Autosport Crashes, Freezes, Stuttering Fix, FPS, SLI, Errors, Settings Fixes

Codemasters is back with yet another thrilling racer. Although there are many racing franchises out there, Grid series has managed to secure a respectable place in hearts of racing fans due to its unique offering.

The latest iteration in the series, Grid Autosport has been released, and it could very well be a good farewell to the last generation of consoles (Xbox 360, PS3).

PC users, on the other hand, are all geared up to relish the thrilling experience the game has to offer. Again, Grid Autosport isn’t a game sent by the gods, so it can have its fair share of problems.

I am sure that you have landed on this page looking to fix something that is not right with your game so let’s just jump straight into the most common problems with the game and their possible fixes.

#1 Grid Autosport Stuttering Fix
Some users have reported that they are experiencing stuttering during the gameplay just like it happened in Grid 2.

If you have an SSD and your OS is installed on it, you might want to give this workaround a try to resolve the issue.

#2 Grid Autosport FPS Fix
First make sure that your drivers are up to date and your machine is good enough to handle the game. If that’s not an issue, you should try the workaround #1.

#3 Grid Autosport Crashes to Desktop on Custom Settings
If your game is crashes after you set custom settings from the menu, try disabling Smoke Shadows. Alternatively, you can always run the game fine on the default settings picked up by the game.

#4 Grid Autosport Freezes at Various Points
If your game is gets frozen randomly and you have to force quit it, try a clean re-install of the nVidia beta drivers or AMD latest drivers to resolve the issue.

#5 Grid Autosport SLI Fix
If your SLI is not working, create a new custom profile using Inspector. You can use Grid 2 or Dirt Showdown SLI profile to run Grid Autosport to fix any issues with SLI.

#6 Grid Autosport Black Screen Fix
If none of the above mentioned fixes have worked for you and you are using a multiple screen setup, just use the single screen to run the game.

#7 Grid Autosport Keeps Switching back to Windowed Mode
If Alt+Enter is not working for you and game continuously reverts back to the windowed mode, set -width 1920 -height 1080 in your launch options via Steam.

#8 Grid Autosport Startup Crash Fix
There is a possibility that you might experience startup crashes with Grid Autosport. It could be due to any conflict. First verify the game cache and if that doesn’t help, do a clean re-install.

Restart Steam and run the game.

#9 Grid Autosport Controller Settings not Being Saved
When the game launches and it asks you to press any key, don’t press the keyboard button, instead use your wheel/controller for it. This will make that device primary and your settings will save normally.

Since the game uses the same engine as that of other racing games from Codemasters, you might also want to check out Grid 2 Errors or Dirt 3 Errors for more workarounds.

If you are experiencing any other issues, feel free to share with us in the comments below and we will try to help you out!

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