H1Z1 PS4 Version is Not Being Made by Anyone at SOE, Yet

By   /   Jun 13, 2014

Yes, that is true. Currently, no one at Sony Online Entertainment is working on the H1Z1 PS4 version. Don’t be alarmed though, nothing has gone wrong with their plans; this is only because of their priorities.

During the E3 conference that ended yesterday, Sony Online Entertainment had a booth set up to talk about the game and other projects. Over there Adam Clegg, the game designer was questioned about the H1Z1 PS4 version among other things and this is what his reply was:

As far as the PS4 version is concerned we are actually concentrating on the PC release. No one in the development team is working on the PS4 [version] and we are focused 100% on PC, for now.

After that he was also asked if he could say anything about the expected release dates for the early access. His reply was that they have been brainstorming about what the players want and expect from the game, and that there are a lot of features that the people are taking for granted in the game. He said that they didn’t want to fall short of the expectations of the fans:

We did not want to launch early access without those things [that the people are already expecting to see]. So once things are in place and we have a polished alpha then we will push it as early access. So no date just yet.

Well, that is something we are cool with. However, if they plan to release the game this year, how exactly are they planning to pull it off? I just hope that it doesn’t face any notorious delays.

Would you like it if the H1Z1 PS4 version can’t meet the marker? Don’t you think it should be given more importance than simple port-ins?

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