Watch Dogs ctOS Breaches Locations Guide – How To Find ctOS Boxes

In Watch Dogs, with the exception of Audio Logs and Hotspots which only require you to visit a particular place and Voila! Most of the collectibles require you to do some work before you can collect them.

Now, out of all the collectibles featured in the game, ctOS Breach are comparatively the most difficult. Before moving forward and telling you what a ctOS Breach is, you need to know a couple of things.

Just like ctOS Towers, Audio Logs, Location Hotspots, and Privacy Invasions; ctOS Breach locations are marked on your Mini Map from the very beginning of the game.

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Watch Dogs ctOS Breaches Locations

There are a total of 16 ctOS Breach spots divided across the Chicago that fall under different ctOS Towers. Therefore, you need to unlock a ctOS Tower in an area to know the exact location of a ctOS Breach (along with other collectibles).

For each successful ctOS Breach, you will be awarded with +250 XP and finding them all will unlock System Mangler Achievement/Trophy. In addition to this, you will also get mysterious Audio Logs which are other than regular Audio Logs.

Speaking of how to collect these collectibles, you need to get to the designated location (marked on the Mini Map) and initiate the breach.

Doing so will mark four hack-able objects on your mini-map (they will be in your close vicinity) with a timer of 4-5 minutes.

Your task is to run to each hack-able object and hack it within allotted time. Also, note that some objects will be in places unreachable by Aiden. During these situations, you must hack a nearby camera followed by hacking the object.

After hacking all the objects, you will receive your bonus XP and Audio Log.

Parker Square/The Wards ctOS Breaches

Parker Square / St. Joseph Cemetery
Time Limit: 2:30
The swimming across the lake for this breach makes it a little tough to do things on time. From the first box you hack, turn around and swim northwest.

The boxes here aren’t hidden, so make your sprints accurate and hit the boxes, with the westernmost being on the side of the gazebo.

Parker Square Marina
Time Limit: 5:00

Head to the Fresh Table Dining restaurant and climb its roof with the help of a car. Hack the box from here, then get to ground level and head east.

Use the pallets behind the fence to gain access to the second box, then grab a car and drive north to the marina. A box will be on the wall on the eastern dock, while the fourth will be to the northwest from there onwards, on the rooftop of a store.

Climb up using the planks and blow the propane tank, hack the box and then drop down and head to the north. A security camera here should give you clear access to the final box.

Parker Square / Owl Motel
Time Limit: 3:00

Head to the Motel and hack the first box. After that, run north and over the fence, then down the sidewalk. The second box is located in a fenced area inside the backyard.

You have to blow the propane tank nearby to destroy the pallets – do that, hack the box, then head to the roof of the next house to find the third box.

After this, head to the fourth box and destroy the pallets with a grenade to hack it. Cops will probably be arriving at this point, so you need to make a move on.

Avoid gun fights and hack the security camera above the fifth box to hack it, then get the hell out of there.

Parker Square / Train Yard
Time Limit: 4:00

Hack the first box on the crossing gate and head east. Climb the gangplanks here and hack the second box. Drop down, then sprint south, and keep moving till you come across concrete bricks. The box is hidden behind them, so stand on the bricks and hack it. Run around the fence after this and head to the storage yard. Check to the opposite side of the street to find a camera, which you can use to hack the final box.

The Wards / Metropole Hotel
Time Limit: 3:30

Hack the first box from the ground, then head north to the building with the next box. You can find a camera here with a large sign – hack it and pan to the right to find the second box that you can hack.

Use the camera to hack another one that is above the third box, and use it to hack the box.

After this, head north to the last two boxes, and hack the camera below the fourth box. Hack the other higher camera from there and hack the box.

The final box is located in an exterior balcony on an apartment. Try finding a camera above the parking lot, and you should be able to spot the box from it easily.

Brandon Docks ctOS Breaches

Brandon Docks / Umani Technologies
Time Limit: 4:00

Request a truck from your Car Demand app and use it to reach the exterior stairs that give you access to the first box. Hop the railing from here and head left.

Head north, then up the stairs, and go right, then north to find the second box concealed behind debris. Shoot the propane tank to reveal it and hack it.

Head back on ground level and go north to the west riverside. Climb the forklift and raise it to gain clear sight of the box, and hack it.

The fourth box is hidden behind wooden pallets; use the forklift here to get to the scaffolding, then shoot the propane tank and use the camera nearby to hack the box. The final box is across the waters, underneath the bridge, so get to it as fast as you can and hack it.

Brandon Docks / Radio Tower
Time Limit: 4:30

Make the first simple hack of the box, then use the lift in the alley to get to higher ground. Head north and hack the box here. Drop down to the ground and head towards the white tower.

Go up the lift on the right and access the camera on the roof to the north to hack the third box.

Get off the lift, then head north till you see the billboard with “Chicago’s Best Latte” written on it. Check the building’s northwest area to hack the camera here, and use it to hack the box. Head west then and check the overhead walkway to the north to find the camera. Use it and pan left to access the final box.

Brandon Docks / Umeni Technologies Shipyard
Time Limit: 5:10

Head west and turn north after hacking the first box. Use the scissor lift to get to higher ground and access the second box, helping yourself with better viewing by shooting the propane tank nearby. Get down on ground level and head to the parking lot.

Cross the overhang and turn around to spot a camera. Use the camera to hack the third box, then head back north. Check the Umeni Tech logo to spot a camera near it.

Hack that camera, and pan to the right to find the box. Look at the billboard with the camera to find another camera, which can be used to hack the final box.

Brandon Docks / Empty Office Space
Time Limit: 4:30

Take the lift up to access the first box, then head back down and go south to the shipyard.

Use the cargo crate to get to the visible second box. The third box is hidden away behind containers south of the road. Head to the west side of the containers and climb on one, then cross it and drop down to find it inside the empty container.

Head back out, then cross the road and head north. Look for camera on a lamppost – use it to hack the final two boxes.

Brandon Docks / L-Train Rhodes
Time Limit: 5:00

The first box itself is a bit tricky because you need to keep an eye on the train schedule for it. Stand near the elevated tracks to make it easier.

After hacking it, head back to the L-Train Rhodes station, climb over the fence on the west and head up the stairs to get to the roof. Look from here to find and hack the box remotely.

Head back downstairs to the street and open the gate. Use the nearby scissor lift to get to the third box. Head back to the stairs and climb them and go over the fence to the northeast.

Turn right at the pharmaceuticals and go eastwards. When you reach the stairs to the left, look for a camera on a lamppost and hack it. Pan to the left and hack the box.

Northeast of where you opened the gate are a set of staircases that will lead you up to the filtration plant. Head there and follow the waypoint till you reach up to the final box.

The Loop ctOS Breaches

The Loop / South Tech University
Time Limit: 4:30

Before you attempt this, get the fastest and most mobile vehicle possible – ideally a heavy bike. After hacking the first box, run southwest and go down to the waterfront and hack the second box.

Head east then and go up the stairs on the left, and go east through the park. Check the side of the building with the large pillars to find the box.

Head to the bridge from here and check one of the support columns to find the fourth box. Hack it, then drop into the water, find a boat, and drive it to the other end to find a bridge column with the final box.

The Loop / Willis Tower
Time Limit: 3:30

After hacking the first box, go right across the street to find the second box on the side of the building to the west. Cross the street and go north, then into the alley. Keep your eye on the right to find a camera you can hack.

Pan upward till you find the third box. After this, cross the street and go north. Check again for a security camera on the building to the south. Use it and hack the fourth box.

For the final box, exit the camera and move up the alley to remerge on the street. Turn left and then duck into the parking garage. The box is on the side of a pillar here.

The Loop / Eastern Waterfront
Time Limit: 3:30
Bring a bike for this breach as well, as you’ll have to cover a lot of ground. After hacking the first box, head northeast to find another box near the tunnel entrances. After this, use the bike and head northeast to find a box next to the newsstand.

Head to the bridge nearby and check the end near the waterfront to find the other box. Swim to the eastern rocky area and check the signal towers for the final box.

Mad Mile ctOS Breaches

Mad Mile / Ross Crime Scene (Lipstick Killer)
Time Limit: 5:00
The first box is located on the roof of a tall building. Use the scissor lift and a swing stage to get to the building roof.

After hacking it, drop down to ground level and head east. Look to the right as you are near the box’s waypoint to find a camera. Hack it and then use it to hack the box (behind some vegetation).

Head north now and search for a sign that reads “FUCK YOU” to find the box. Hack it, then head towards the fourth box waypoint that can be easily accessed.

After this, head across the street to find the final box on the wall of a building.

Mad Mile / Hanson Park
Time Limit: 4:00
After the first box, head east and hack the second one across the street. Head north and go over the fences and across the skybridge between the rooftops to find the third box underneath a staircase.

The fourth box is to the west. Head from the rooftops to there, but make sure you are speedy.

The final one would be easy to get to if you have unlocked the ctOS tower in this area. Use the scissor lift and the balcony to get to the rooftop of the fifth box. Use the camera nearby to gain access to the door, and go through the door and past the AC units to find the final box.

Mad Mile / Unknown
Time Limit: 4:30

The first box is located quite far from the others. To make things quick, hack the first one, get down to ground level, and head northwest. The second box is on the side of an appointment building, which can be hacked using a camera nearby.

Check behind the building where the second box is to find an alley.

The third box here should be on the wall. Head to the north to the parking lot of the Bank. Use the lift to get to the roof, and use the ladder on the right to gain access to the box. Get really close to the edge of the roof (carefully) to get an angle to hack the box.

Head back down to ground level and check for the box behind a stack of cardboard boxes.

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