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Square Enix France Teases Final Fantasy Type-0 Based Announcement for E3

Square Enix France has recently teased on twitter about some upcoming Final Fantasy announcement on E3. Following a question about the release of Final Fantasy Type-0 in the West, Square Enix France has asked gamers to be patient and wait for the E3, since announcements will be coming.

Apparently this announcement would be a series of “small” surprises which the company will reveal next month. A translated version of the tweet is given below:

The announcement could be regarding a European localized release of Final Fantasy Agito. Agito was launched last week on iOS and Android in Japan and is set in the same world as Final Fantasy Type-0.

This might end up pissing off fans of Type-0 since they have been waiting for a localized version for ages. It is also possible that Square Enix makes an announcement regarding both these games.

Now that certainly would be a treat for Final Fantasy fans, 2 highly desired titles being released for the West.

Rumors about work on localized version of Final Fantasy Type-0, which is currently available on PSP in Japan, being underway have been floating for quite a while now but sadly they have never been confirmed.

What are your thoughts about this? Could Square Enix really be bringing these titles to the West? Comment below.