2014 FIFA World Cup Brazil New Trailer Details Game Modes

Just as we draw nearer to the release date of 2014 FIFA World Cup Brazil, EA has started pouring out new details on the game. Recently, they released a new trailer showing multiple game modes that will be on offer in the upcoming title.

The different features of the game are narrated in the trailer by lead producer Mat Prior who goes from game mode to game mode detailing the key aspects of each.

The first mode on offer is obviously Road to FIFA World Cup, which will let you take control of your favorite international team, and you will be able to guide them through their world cup journey.

Second up is Captain Your Country, in this mode you will be named the captain of your country, and it will be on your shoulders to lift the world cup trophy at the end of the tournament.

Moving on, Road to Rio de Janeiro, an online mode, will place you at the start of a long list of games where you will have to conquer all the licensed stadiums and earn your way to the final match at Rio de Janeiro.

Then there is Online FIFA World Cup mode, in which you will gain the control of a team from group stages all the way to the final.

There’s also the Story of Qualifying mode that will let you play the whole qualifying process for the world cup, complete with real-life world scenarios that actually happened.

Story of the Finals will take you at the start of FIFA World Cup. In this mode, you’ll be able to participate in multiple challenges and complete real time objectives.

Some of the traditional modes like online and offline Exhibition matches are also added so that so you can enjoy the gaming experience whenever you want.

2014 FIFA World Cup Brazil will hit the shelves on April 15 in the US, April 15 in Europe and Australia and finally in Japan on April 24. If you’re an avid fan of football games, then this one just can’t be missed.

Which of the modes on offer are you looking forward to play?

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