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Hitman Absolution Easter Eggs Guide – Where To Find

No game would ever be truly complete without at least some Easter Eggs and references, and Hitman: Absolution is no exception. During his mission, 47 will run across several characters from previous Io Interactive games as well as coming across assassins from a different franchise. Here are the ones we have found so far:

Hitman Absolution Easter Eggs

Playstation 3 Trophies
It just so happens that the Playstation version of the game has exactly 47 trophies that you can unlock, coincidence? I think not. 360 owners will be heartbroken to find they can only attain 46 achievements.

In the orphanage, look around in the side rooms of the first floor for a desk with a lit green lamp on it. Next to the lamp, you will find a Mini-Ninja figurine. This is a reference to Io’s Mini Ninjas Game.

Chipmunk Suit
In the ‘King of Chinatown’ mission, you’ll find a man waiting inside a dirty dead-end alley. Knock him out and put him in the dumpster to find the Chipmunk suit on the ground. Wear it to look cute while you rain death on your foes.

Various Encounters with Kane and Lynch
Agent 47 runs across both Kane and Lynch from the series by the same name a number of times throughout his missions. You find Kane standing next to the jukebox in a bar in the ‘Welcome to Hope’ mission, shooting him will cause him to whip out a submachine gun.

In the ‘Birdie’s Gift’ mission you find Lynch in the shooting range of a gun store firing at some garden gnomes. Much later in the game, when you visit the courthouse you will see Kane writing a letter to his daughter in a cell. You can peek on him through a vent.

Assassinating an Assassin
In the Sniper challenge mode, you use a sniper rifle to kill off a target and all his bodyguards from a nearby roof. Well look at the really tall green skyscraper behind the target building. Near the top, there is a very familiar ledge on which you can see a crouched man looking out over the city.

Getting a Stripper To Dance For You!
My favorite Easter Egg so far, and probably the only reason you’re even reading this article, this will show you how to make a stripper appear in the window next to the large banner that says ‘Stallion’ and ‘2012’ hanging from the rooftop in the Sniper Challenge. There are three items that you need to shoot.

First, look at the benches near the helipad. There should be a small white item on one of them. I don’t know what it is, but you need to shoot it. Next look on the other side of the roof to find a white shoe right next to the Jacuzzi/tub. Shoot that too.

The third is a bit harder, look through the windows above the dance floor, and you will find a large stuffed bear among the bookshelves. There is something sitting on top of the bear’s head (though I can’t really make out what it is), and you need to shoot it. Once all that is done set your sights on the window next to the banner for your reward.

Three Rubber Duckies
There are three yellow rubber ducks in the Sniper Challenge. No don’t ask me why they’re there, because I don’t want to know. Here’s where they are so you can look at them and be baffled as well.

The first ducky is on the lower level, move your sights down until you find the balcony with the trees on it. Zoom in and search for a pedestal that looks like a water fountain. The duck is sitting on it, so shoot it for fun.

The second duck is near the white boot from the stripper Easter egg, right next to the Jacuzzi on the right side of the roof. The third is a bit difficult to find. Look at the doorway underneath the ‘Stallion’ banner that’s hanging from the rooftop. Next search around the base of the tree that is directly opposite to the doorway for the last ducky.