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Blacks Ops 2 Zombies Wonder Weapons Guide

Zombies in Black Ops 2 test your strength at various levels. Initially, it looks like a walk in the park as you can even take them out merely using your knife. However, after level 5, they start behaving tougher and after 10 rounds, you will start realizing the need of something special that can keep these undead at bay.

This is where Pack-a-Punch machine will come into play. The machine will let you upgrade weapons rendering you some useful changes like special ammo or may have new attachments. They call these the wonder weapons as the upgrades will be of great help, especially at the higher levels.

After you have upgraded a weapon using Pack-a-Punch machine, you can replenish its ammo in two ways. If you have taken the gun from a wall, you can buy the (4500 Points) ammo directly from there or the ammo power up can refill it for you. For the magic box weapons, you will have to rely on the power-up only to replenish the ammo.

Now that you know what is a wonder weapon and how it can be helpful, let’s be more specific about them and see what upgrades can be done by using what weapon and their concerned effects.

Note: You can also get some wonder weapons from the Magic Box directly (like the Ray Gun) which are not needed to be upgraded. So keep looking for them too.

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Black Ops 2 Wonder Weapons


  • Original Weapon – AK74u
  • Ammo – 40/280
  • Feature Added – Reflex Sight

Awful Lawton

  • Original Weapon – Crossbow
  • Ammo – 1/12
  • Feature Added – Bolts will attract zombies


  • Original Weapon – Python
  • Ammo – 12/96
  • Feature Added – Speed Reloader


  • Original Weapon – FAL
  • Ammo – 30/360
  • Feature Added – 3 round burst and reflex sight


  • Original Weapon – LSAT
  • Ammo – 100/60
  • Feature Added – You get the target finder

Monkey Bomb
You will get three monkey bombs as a wonder weapon (no upgrades).


  • Original Weapon – M14
  • Ammo – 16/192
  • Feature Added – Foregrip

Mustang and Sally

  • Original Weapon – M1911
  • Ammo – 6/6
  • Feature Added – Dual Wielded, Fire Explosives


  • Original Weapon – M27
  • Ammo – 30/360
  • Feature Added – Reflex Sight

Porter’s X2 Ray Gun

  • Original Weapon – Ray Gun
  • Ammo – 40/200
  • Feature Added – N/A

Ray Gun
You can get one from the magic box. The gun is quite effective against the crowding zombies so if you happen to come across one, don’t loose it.


  • Original Weapon – HAMR
  • Ammo – 125/625
  • Feature Added – N/A

The Krause Refribrillator

  • Original Weapon – Ballistic Knife
  • Ammo – 1/9
  • Feature Added – Revive Teammates