Torchlight 2 Gold Farming Guide – Golden Chests

Currency in Torchlight 2 is Gold, and it is used to purchase/upgrade equipment. There are a number of ways to earn Gold:

  • Looting defeated enemies.
  • Opening chests.
  • Selling looted items.
  • Breaking and looting Urns, Rocks, Eggs and Pagodas.
  • Sometimes they will be scattered on the ground as well.

Golden Chests and Keys – On your journey, you’ll come across Golden Chests that contain gold and items. Usually the keys to a locked chest will be hidden nearby. You can also kill nearby enemies to loot the key and open the chest.

Gold Farming Tip #1 – Phase Beast Challenge
Defeat the boss and mobs inside the portal and reward yourself by looting all the gold and chests. Now do not leave the area after everything is dead.

Instead exit the game to the main menu. Log back in and you’ll be back with all the mobs and boss respawned. Kill them repeatedly by following the same procedure to get heaps of gold and loot.

Gold Farming Tip #2 – Tar Challenge
Upon entering the area you’ll come across three purple colored slimes. These will continuously spawn smaller slimes.

Keep the three larger ones alive and focus on the smaller ones. Repeatedly kill the smaller slimes for XP and gold gain. When you get tired of it, simply kill the three larger ones to end the challenge. You can also exit the game and come back in to have the three larger slimes respawned.

If you come across any other ways to farm gold in Torchlight 2, don’t forget to share with us by commenting below!