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FIFA 13 Free Kick Tutorial Guide – Driven, Top Spin, Curved, Opposite Spin and Layoffs

In this FIFA 13 guide, we will teach you how to take your free kicks like a true champion. You will be able to kick a dead-ball with such accuracy, placement and power that it will make Messi jealous. OK that last bit there might have been an exaggeration but hey, we can still help you get pretty darn good.

How To Score a Goal With Driven Free Kick
For a driven free kick shot you should hold the LB/L1 button when you press the shoot button. If you are trying to hit the low targets like the bottom left or bottom right corner of the net you should hold on to the shoot button until just more two of your power bars fill up.

Remember, only a bit more than two bars of power.

For the High placement corner driven free kicks you want to hold on to the shoot button until just 3 bars of your power are filled up.

Remember, for driving home your free kicks, you should press the LB/L1 button along with the shoot button.

How To Score a Goal With Top Spin Free Kick
These free kicks do not have any side spin or curl on them. This skill is just used to get it up and over the wall. For this free kick, no need to press extra buttons. To hit the bottom target exactly two bars of power are sufficient.

If you are going for the top target just fill up your power meter just above the two bars. This free kick has a good dip to it right at the end if it.

How To Score a Goal With Curved Free Kick
It is similar in execution to the top spin free kick. The only difference is you have to line or aim in one particular way when taking the free kick. Trick to taking a good curved free kick is that to know just how much to line up or aim in a direction right before you press the shoot button.

This sense of direction can only be mastered with practice. Move your camera or view direction before you press the shoot button not after it to get the curve on the ball. For the curved ones, you still want to go with the two-bars of power to hit the bottom targets and just above two-bars of power to hit the upper targets.

How To Score a Goal With Opposite Spin Free Kick
This bit of text is written assuming your free kick taker is right footed.

This free-kick is similar in direction to the driven free-kick but there is one nifty trick to it. Always place your player in such a way that he is looking to the sides of his target.

Let me explain it with an example – If you want to drive your free kick into the bottom left corner of the goal move your camera as such that your player has eyes to the left side of the post and then execute the driven free kick as mentioned above.

This will cause the ball to spin to the left of the goal post before curling back and tucking itself in the bottom left corner of the goal. Ok, until now, in this article we have only given you guidelines about free kick where you aim for the goal directly. Now it is time for tactical free kicks.

How To Call Other Players Over The Free Kick
In FIFA 13, you have the option to call up to two additional players with you to take the free kick. These players can be used to run over the ball or can be utilized for the layoffs. To call the second guy you press LT/L2, to call the third guy you press RB/R1.

To shoot with the second guy you called you need to press the LT/L2 and the shoot button. To shoot with the third guy you called press the RB/R1 button along with the shoot button.

To make your second guy run over the ball hold the LT/L1 and do a fake shot by pressing B/O followed by A/X . This will cause your second player to run over the ball.

To make your first player run over the ball just press B/O followed by A/X. This will leave your third guy to take the shot. If you want your third guy to run over the ball just press RB/R1 and then do a fake shot by pressing B/O followed by A/X.

Free Kick Layoffs
For Layoffs, you have to use the left trigger or L2 guy i.e. your second guy. There are different types of layoffs. Normal layoff is where you hold LT/L2 and A/X. this is a simple rolling layoff. Volley layoff is LT/L2 and X/Square.

This lay off sets up a half volley to fire for the guy running in.

Please remember that you can only do the lay off with your second guy not the third or the first one.