Diablo 3 Rare Items Farming Guide – Treasure Goblins, Bandits, Seeker and Pygmy

This guide concludes a number of observations that are related to the items which the monsters/bandits drop, so then you’ll have a better idea of a creature’s worth.

The observations are based on the behavior of around 208 monsters. These are the Treasure Goblin (28%), Treasure Bandit (30%), Treasure Seeker (21%) and the Treasure Pygmy (21%).

Farming Location

All the data is based on the above video, researched by Impala from Diablo Fans Forums.

Amount Of Gold

Total Loot

Spawn Rate, Rare Drop Ratio, Spawn Relation and More

Treasure goblins are the best monsters to hunt as they usually drop valuable items. The Tome of Secrets are dropped by treasure bandits; seekers will generally drop the gems whereas the Pygmy are good for gear.

Do note that, these statistics are very rough, these may not apply to your game or area as nobody knows how valid it can go. At least it will tell you a little about the loot items and the enemies you should focus on if you’re broke.

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