Diablo 3 Followers Locations and Quests Guide

The world of Sanctuary is a delight when peace is alive, but when evil lurks on its grounds it can become the most intimidating thing known to man. Though a brave warrior who opts to fight to purify the lands, even you require aid from companions.

If online friends aren’t available, then you can certainly take the assistance of the more-than-just-useful Followers in Diablo 3.

Followers in this game differ from Diablo 2 in many ways. Firstly, they have a more personal bond with your character, and secondly, they do not cost a penny to hire.

In Diablo 3, there are three Followers available to you, unlocked within the first two Acts. The first two, Templar and Scoundrel, are unlocked in the Act I, while the Enchantress is unlocked in Act II.

The following are the locations, quests, and description of the three Followers.

Warning: The proceeding content may include Spoilers.

The Templar

The Templar is the first follower available, found in The Cathedral Level 3 of Act I.

The Templar is found during the quest Reign of the Black King.

While going deeper into the Cathedral, you will encounter a group of cultist channeling dark energy on a man. Once these cultists are killed, the man will ask for aid in finding his gear. His gear can be found in a large chest slightly ahead of the current location.

Once he equips his gear, the man will reveal himself to be a Templar. He will offer to kill a renegade called Jondar, who can be found down nearby stairs. After defeating Jondar, the Templar will ask to join you in your noble cause.

Accept his offer to have him follow you, or decline it to have him wait back in town, from where you can hire him any time you want.


The Scoundrel is found in The Fields of Misery in Act I.

The Scoundrel is fond during The Broken Blade quest.

On your quest, you will be joined by Leah in the Fields of Misery for going to the Drowned Temple. While you are going there, you will encounter a man asking for help against thieves. Follow him to encounter a girl surrounded by various thieves. Kill them all, including their leader Nigel, and talk to this man.

The man is a Scoundrel, and after facing a bit of disappointment will request to aid you. You can accept to replace him with the Templar (if he is with you) immediately or decline to have him waiting in town, where he can be hired from at any time.

The Enchantress

The Enchantress can be found on the Howling Plateau in Act 2.

The Enchantress is found during the quest Shadows in the Desert.

When you reached the Sundered Canyon, you will encounter a petite-figured girl, who is the Enchantress. Speak to her to make her a temporary ally. She will aid you in your journey with her spells by diminishing illusionary dead ends and revealing hidden footprints of the cultists.

You will need to follow these footprints to two places: the Hidden Conclave and Secret Altar, where you will be required to eliminate the foes to stop their illusionary magic. You’ll then be able to travel to the Black Canyon Bridge located in the northern part of the Howling Plateau.

Speak with the Enchantress for the final time, and the quest will be completed. She will ask to join you. If you accept, she will replace any other Follower you currently have with yourself. If you decline, she can be hired back in the holding camp any time you desire.

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