Shank 2 Survival Mode Guide – How To Survive All Waves

Among all 13 trophies, The Ultimate Survivalist trophy can be the hardest to achieve. You need to survive 30 waves of enemies with each wave getting tougher than the previous one.

You may find the survival mode easy for the start until the 15th wave but when the zombies get angry, things start to get messy, and if you don’t have a proper plan, you better make one as the enemies after that don’t show any mercy.

The big question here which I am going to help you with is how to deal with these nasty bitches? You may have your own plans in your mind but there are some general tips which if implemented can make a big difference.

For instance, the role of character costumes in survival mode cannot be ignored. Each costume has its strong point and weakness, but if you choose the right one suiting your game plan, you can kick some ass.

Shank 2 – Survival Mode Tips

Choose a Worthy Partner
It’s highly recommended that you do this with a worthy (experienced) partner who can support you in bad times. You get more options this way, which can come handy for the later waves in the game.

Use The Most Effective Attacks
It’s quite important that you use the most effective attacks for the appropriate enemies. For example, Shank’s (or his custom) ranged attacks are quite useful for most of the enemies.

You can use knives against the bombers and other fat enemies while his sledgehammer can be a good choice for melee combat.

With Corina (or her custom) on the other hand, you should use her scythe heavy attacks. Since you will be mostly up close and personal with the bigger enemies, you should be good at dodging the attacks of those giant monsters.

Her revolver (although slow) can be a useful weapon against weaker enemies. Likewise, you can also use the revolver for taking out the bombers from distance if your partner somehow is stuck with other enemies.

Choose the Map you Think you are Best at
You can play the survival mode on three maps. Generally Down on the Farm is considered as the best option due to it’s huge and presence of traps can be very useful.

However, if you can’t put those maps to any good use and have a better strategy for any other map, then you should not be afraid to try it.

If you are trying to beat the survival mode on “Down on the Farm,” one partner should control the switches while other try to lure in the bad-ass enemies towards the trap. This strategy works well if you execute the timing right.

Supply Stations are Crucial
You have a total of three supply stations in the survival mode. You should try your best to protect them from bombers. Try to maintain at least 2 of them, or you can be in trouble.

Make Use of the Character Costumes
There are 16 character costumes to unlock in Shank 2, and each have specific advantages and drawbacks. Use them when they are available to get the tactical advantage.

You can refer to our Shank 2 Character Costumes guide for guidance. Generally, the default costumes (Shank: +10% Health, Corina: +10% Health) can be good as they don’t have any cons.

Spend the Budget at the Right Time
Don’t waste your credits in buying small items as you are going to need some heavy weapons like turrets later in the game.

You can buy turrets after wave 19 so try to save until you reach that wave. Place the turrets in the alternate manner so that each turret can defend the opposite machine.

Survive the Zombie Wave Kaboom!
It’s the 23rd wave in the series, and you will hardly survive in it if you don’t take the necessary precautions.

Both the partners should purchase the latest unlock made available (the Barrage = 2500 points) and use it once to kill every enemy on the map. This weapon will be the life saver for you in every upcoming wave so use it only when you are in the dire need.

Grappling the Fat Guys can be Useful
If you manage to grapple the fat/big enemies, you can instantly kill them by using grenades or other items like a pole or a bat. Partner fulfilling the melee role can use this strategy effectively.

Team Work is Important
This is vital. If you don’t coordinate, there is a great possibility that you will die soon, no matter how skilled you are.

Saving your partner is also a dodgy thing to do. When your partner is down, don’t get hasty to save him. Try to clear the area from enemies first activating the trap a couple of times and when the time is right, go for the revival.

Try to stay calm in such a situation as if you get panic, you will lose it all.

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