Alan Wake American Nightmare Manuscripts Locations Guide

Unlike the Manuscripts in original Alan Wake, American Nightmare manuscripts are easier to find. They show up as a question mark on your mini-map and give a bright glow making them easier to spot even from the far.

These are 53 manuscripts scattered through Alan Wake: American Nightmare, and finding them all will unlock ‘One Day I’ll Buy a Stapler’ achievement. Furthermore, you just need to pick these manuscripts, you don’t have to read them.

These manuscripts will unlock weapon boxes within the game and in arcade mode so they can come quite handy at times.

Alan Wake American Nightmare Manuscripts Locations

You can watch the video below to find the manuscripts in Alan Wake American Nightmare. Thanks @ iNTiMiDaTeGaming

If needed, we will update this guide with the text pointing to all manuscripts locations. If you find anything manuscript difficult to locate, let us know in the comments below!