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Trine 2 Crashes, Tweaks, Errors, Freezes, and Fixes

Trine 2 is a side-scrolling action platform and puzzle game developed by Frozenbyte. Sequel to the critically acclaimed original, it follows three iconic characters in the roles of Wizard, Thief, and Knight and features cooperative mode.

It takes all the great ingredients from the original game and refines it, but may pose few technical difficulties as the original game. It’s a resource eater, so you may have to tweak it to perform at best while putting less burden on your PC.

We have listed below all the workarounds to fix different technical problems you may come across while playing Trine 2.

#1 Trine 2 Doesn’t start after Launcher
It can be due to multiple issues so try following workarounds:

  • Run the executable file “As Administrator”
  • Also try moving your Trine 2 folder to some other drive which might solve the problem.
  • Redownload the game if it doesn’t help

#2 Trine 2 Very High Ping/Can’t Play Co-op
If you have a descent connection and still getting high ping issue then it is recommended that you check the settings of your network card. If Jumbo frames option is enabled, disable everything to see the difference.

#3 Trine 2 Keyboard Configuration Issue
If you have been unable to change the keyboard key mapping then you should search for %APPDATA%\Trine2\UserBinds folder and then make sure that it is not write protected. If you can’t find a folder, create it manually to write and save the settings.

#4 Trine 2 Does Not Start
Many users are facing this problem and strangely a pretty simple workaround fixes the issue. Just restart your Steam client, your PC, and launch the game. that is restart your Steam and your PC and then launch the game.

#5 Trine 2 Port Forwarding – Connection Issues
It will be quite rare that you don’t have the Steam Ports open, but if that’s the case, then follow the instructions on this post and enable the Steam Ports which Trine 2 uses.

#6 How To Change Refresh Rate of Your TV/Monitor etc
Trine 2 by default supports 50 refresh rate so some of you might face display problems. In order to change it, you can try the following workaround:

  • Locate the options.txt file in C:\Program Files\Steam\steamapps\common\trine\config\options. txt
  • Then open the file and find the “Display” section. Add “refresh_rate_override = 60” to the end of the Display section (your refresh rate may differ).

The settings will look like this after you change it:

anisotrophy = 2
antialias_active_samples = 2
antialias_samples = 2
brightness = 1.000000
contrast = 1.000000
gamma = 1.000000
maximize_window = 0
render_use_vsync = 1
saturation = 1.000000
screen_bpp = 32
screen_height = 1080
screen_width = 1920
window_titlebar = 0
windowed = 0
refresh_rate_override = 60

  • After changing the value, make the file write protected (right click and mark “Read Only”)

#7 Trine 2 Poor Performance/Low FPS
If you don’t know about your FPS then use the command “/show_fps 1” in the console window of the game to display the FPS.

If you are getting low FPS then try “/render_half_resolution 1” command and see the difference. It actually reduces (to half) the game resolution but the menu and user interface remains the same.

#8 Trine 2 Save Games Problem
If you are having trouble with your save games then you can get the save game files from this link. It’s a temporary measure till they fix the problem.

How To Use Trine 2 Save Game File:

  • Download the savegame and put it to \profiles\default\save
  • Edit config\options.txt and find the line “steam_cloud_enabled = 1” and change that to 0, save the file and then right-click it and choose Properties.
  • Launch the game, and go check that your new save appears in the Options / Saveslots menu.
  • If so, open the ingame console with F8 button, and write:
  • “saveToSteamCloud” and press enter (case-sensitive, without quotes). This sends the local saves to Steam Cloud.
  • Then to finish things, re-enable Steam Cloud in the console by writing: “/steam_cloud_enabled 1” and press enter.

#9 Trine 2 Overheats the GPU/CPU
Trine 2 really tests your GPU, 100% usage is normal as the game uses the full available resources of your machine. You can limit your framerates though to give your machine a breathing space. Also, lower super sample anti-aliasing (SSAA) as it is the most consuming option.

To limit the framerates manually, edit %APPDATA%/Trine2/options.txt. If you change line setOption(renderingModule, “ReduceInputLag”, false) and change the value to false, it will help make the gameplay smooth while putting less burden on your machine.

#10 How to Reduce Input Lag in Trine 2
You can face this issue due to number of frames being buffered. Trine 2 by default uses 2 frames.

Anyways, if you change value “setOption(renderingModule, “ReduceInputLag”, false” to true in %APPDATA%/Trine2/options.txt file then you can feel the difference. It might reduce some framerates but not much of a sacrifice.

If you are facing any other issue, you can comment and we will try to fix the issue.