Skyrim PC Console Commands and Item Codes

By   /   Nov 19, 2011

The console in Skyrim can be accessed in-game by pressing the ’tilde key’, can be found near the “1” key on most keyboards. It is not case-sensitive and the console prompt will appear in the lower left-hand corner of the screen. You can scroll the console output using the “Page Up” and “Page Down” keys.

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Toggle Commands

These commands will toggle on/off the different settings in the game.

You can toggle the animator camera.
This command will let you zoom and rotate/turn the camera around the player without even changing the direction of the player model is facing.

It will populate the spell book.
This command will give a complete spell book in which shouts will be available as well as unlocks the animalistic abilities.But dragon souls will be required for the shouts.

You can toggle the AI while using this command.
This command is targeted which allows the toggle on and off on the AI processing.If there is no actor being selected,then it will turn on/off globally.

Toggle the CAI.
Turn the CAI(Combat artificial Intelligence) on/off.

Turn on/off the AI detection.
It allows you to steal the items with NPCs watching.

Toggle the unit collision (clipping and no clipping).
It will enable you to fly eventually by selecting any point and then move in the direction that you deserve. Fly through the mountains and the buildings. If you don’t choose an actor the unit collision will turn off for the player.

Freeflying camera.
You can set your controls to move the camera around instead of the player in which you can use it with third person view to get a look at your character.

Enable/Disable God mode.
It will make you invincible with no damage taken,no fatigue used,no encumbrance,cast all the spells,no magicka consumption,no weapon and armor degradation and unlimited arrows.

Enable/Disable the immortal mode.
You can use the command on yourself in which everything will be normal in the game but you wont die even with no health.

Toggle the menus(HUD).
It is basically useful in taking the screenshots to remove all the HUD.It will remove the crosshairs as well including the meters.

Hide/Show all the map markers.
The means that by writing 1 will show all the markers and 0 will remove them all including the city markers that are visible in the game.

On/Off Skype.
It allows you to start and quit Skype for chatting purposes.

Enable/Disable the wireframe.
Show the wireframe in opaque or red.

Enable/Disable the script processing.
You’ll be able to globally toggle the script processing on/off.

Untargeted Commands

These type of commands doesn’t require any target reference to be executed.

You can transport to the center of the cell.
Coc stands for ‘center on cell’ which actually means that it transports to the center of the named cell. Like if you want to go to Riverwood, so you just need to type coc Riverwood.

You can transport to cell in wordspace.
Cow stands for ‘center on world’.It allows you to transport to the center of the cell(cell x,cell y) in worldspace. As the outdoor worldspace of Skyrim is Tamriel so write cow tamriel 5,7 and transport to the center of cell 5,7.

You can set the fov(field of view).
The default value of 65 but it can be set to the desired values.Between 80-90 shall be suitable for the players.

It’ll kill all the actors.
It allows you to kill all non-essential actors(NPCs and creatures) at once.The essential actors will be knocked down.

You can quit immediately.
Quit Skyrim quickly to the desktop when this command is used in console.

save “”
Write the name of the save.
Write the name of the save in save in double quotations.It will overwrite existing save with the same name without any prompting.

It will open the character creation menu for you.
This command has somewhat unwanted results as it will remove your magical effects if the race is left unchanged.Once the race is changed,the player attributes will be mixed.

This command will allow you to return the IDs of all the items etc that matches the entered name.It comes in handy in finding the ID of an object. Write “help “Daedric” 0″ which’ll list all the items that has “Daedric” name in it.

Player or Targeted Commands

These commands do need a target/specific reference.You can select one with the mouse in the console.

It will give character to the specified amount of an item.
Writing “player.additem 000669A5 5” will add five leeks to your player’s inventory.

It will increase the level of the player by one.
This will allow you to add one level to the current level of your character but will not grant you with perks or attributes.

It will provide your character with the choosen perk.
If you write “player.addperk C44C0” in the console,you’ll receive the perk “Adept Destruction”.See the perk code page.

It’ll add a specific spell to the character’s spellbook.It will also work with unique powers and diseases.
If you write “player.addspell 000b8780”,it will add the “Sanguinare Vampiris” disease turning your character into a vampire for 3 in-game days. If you write “player.addspell 00092c48”,you’ll gain the “Beast Form” power to the player’s spellbook turning your character into a werewolf.

It will advance the specified skill.
It basically increases the experience to the next skill. If you write player.AdvSkill Destruction 1,it will add 1 experience to the skill but will not advance the Destruction 1 skill. Some skills may require more experience to advance.

It will render the selected object including the actors.
It will make an object,AI and collision appear on the world.

It will not render the selected object including the actors.
It will turn off unit collision,the object will be invisible and the AI won’t process the object as well.Scripting on the object will run though.

Kills the selected actor.
If you come across an actor you want to kill,just type “kill” in console and the actor will be killed.

All the items from the inventory of the player will be removed.
Write “player.removeallitems” will remove all the items from the inventory of a specific character.

Locks the targeted object with a difficulty rating.
The values of will display in the tooltip of the locked object in the mentioned manner.0 – 25: Apprentice, 26 – 50: Adept, 51 – 75: Expert, 76 – 100: Master, 101+: Requires Key.

Unlocks the targeted/selected object.
This command will unlock the selected door or container etc including those who require a key.

It displays every item in the player’s inventory.
You can use it to modify the character’s inventory.Write “5 – Leek (000669A5)”to get give leeks in the inventory.Write “player.additem 000669A5 5” to gain five more leeks.

It will modify the value of attribute by amount.
This command will buff or debuff a skill or attribute. If the player write “player.modav block 10” while the Block skill is 30, the block will get a permenant increase buff and will be set to 40. The same can be done by entering a negative value which will debuff the skill or attribute.

It’ll remove the selected/specified amount of item from the inventory.
By typing “player.removeitem 000669A5 5” will remove five leeks from the inventory of the player.

Remove the selected perk from your skills.
Write “player.removeperk 000babe8” shall remove Barbarian rank 1/5.If your perks are upgraded then you shall remove rank 5/5 and then 4/5 etc.

It will set the value of attribute.
This commands sets the level of skill or attribute without messing up with the gained levels. If you write “player.setav block 100” then the Block will be set to 100 and you will get the advantage of receiving high Block level.

It will change the targeted actors alpha/opacity.
It can be useful for repairing unwanted graphic glitches after adding and removing certain permanent spell effects. If you write “player.setactoralpha 100”, the non desired invisibilty effect will be reset and your character will be visible again.

Resurrects the targed/specified actor.
Typing “resurrect 1” will make a target actor who is dead or killed get up instead of vanishing and reappearing which allows them to keep their equipment. If the NPC is vanished then you will need to enable the NPC.

Item Codes

You can use the following item codes for player.additem command.

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