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Dragon Age 2 Mark Of The Assassin Walkthrough

Dragon Age 2 is not done yet as we have another DLC for the game. Mark of Assassin is about a female elf named Tallis. She has a plan to steal an ancient relic from a Orlesian Baron, a well-guarded estate. Hawke will join in the quest.

Relic is a mix of both close combat and ranged attacks. She can attack from distance like Verric and get up close and people like Isablela to execute some deadly attacks. Her new fighting style is one of the spotlights in Mark of Assassin.

The DLC comes with new items, new enemies and monsters and new environments as well which give players the opportunity to experience a new, tactical way to play with along the Stealth gameplay. Players will also be able to learn about the Orlesians and Qunari in this quest.

If you have decided to buy the DLC than the following walkthrough can help you in completing the mission you have with Elvin woman on your hand. For more help on Dragon Age 2, read our Walkthrough, Armor, and Weapons guide.

Mark of the Assassin Walkthrough
You atleast need to be in City of Kirkwall to start with this DLC. Then you should travel to Gamlen’s place in Lowtown. After you select your characters, there is a fight waiting for you. You can position your ranged attackers on the stairs so that the crowd there can be dealt with effectively.

Watch out for the archers on stairs to your left. Eliminating them first will make things easy. After you have cleared the area, watch the cutscene and get ready for the next quest.

Introducing Tallis
There is nothing much except for some dialogue selection in this quest. First select “Thank you” response and then “Sounds Like Fun” to start your adventure with Talis. Pick the item behind the tree and read the note.

Then head to Chateau Haine using the map and select the members of your squad. Another chit chatting cutscene. First ask to meet the duke and then choose “The Chasind are honorable”. Then tell him that you came there to meet him and finish the conversation with “I will do my best”.

The Master’s Salve
After your meeting with duke is over, you can have this quest from Gabriel standing beside. You need to collect three herbs to complete this job.

You can find “drakevein” just in front of the entrance of the hunting grounds before the pyre. You can grab the winterberry from the east section of Hunting ground. It’s on the lake bank ahead on your left side. You can find Andraste’s Mantle if you proceed along the path to the left from where you started.

Baiting a Wyvern
You will begin this quest while you enter Hunting Grounds during Hear of Many quest. First, head to the location of the hunter. Then move up the stairs to examine the blood pool and finally the altar which will activate a cutscene.

Use the fire attacks to deal with the resistant foe first then you can focus on the weaker ones. After dealing with enemies, head back to the top of previous steps.

Next, you will face some dragons. Small ones can be dealt with the ranged attacks while for the bigger dragons, avoid facing their front side. It’s important that you loot the bodies after you have cleared any section with enemies.

Now there is a long walk ahead so keep moving. You can collect some potions if you move a bit in the opposite direction after entering the east hunting grounds. You should now complete Lost Hunting Dogs quest to proceed further. You would also complete “The Cult of the Sky” task if you face the hunters ahead.

Next, start following the trail again. Interact with the pile dung to start a cutscene. In the next clearing section, you will finally meet up with wyvern. Tell him to use everything at once and then watch the cutscene.

You should attack with full fury. Make sure that your Mage heals the party members on time. Also look out for its orange goo and charged attacks. If you manage to move your squad continuously in a circle then the fight can be relatively easier.

While dealing Wyvern a cutscene will play . Your job isn’t over yet as there will be more enemies to deal with after the cutscene. Kill him and have your reward to conclude the quest.

The Lost Hounds
This quest is actually the part of Bait a Wyvern quest. Talk to the hunter when you are in hunting grounds and tell him that you will keep an eye out to start the quest.

Continue on your Wyvern bait quest till you get to the eastern part of the grounds. You need to follow the target marker on your map to find the first hound. The hound will lead you to the other one who is imprisoned. You can heal it if you have completed the Master’s Salve quest already.

Otherwise, return to the hunter to complete this quest and collect your reward.

The Cult of the Sky
This quest too can be completed during the Wyvern bait quest . Proceed towards the hunters along the right before you enter east end of the hunting grounds.

After the curscene, you should try to keep a safe distance and try to focus your range attackers on one enemy at a time. Melee combat fighters can keep some enemies busy for some time while the ranged attackers can utilize the opportunity to eliminate them. It’s a team job after all.

If you managed to defeat the Horrors at the Altar earlier then you will find a scholar. After he runs away, head back to Altar where you encountered the Horrors, open the chest and grab the loot inside to complete this quest.

Wishing Well
You can initiate this quest after Baiting a Wyvern challenge task. It’s about the wishing well. You need to throw 5 coins into it. When you enter in Chateau, head towards Leopold and just left to the cage ,you will find a coin which you can throw in the fountain.

There is another one in the garden ahead. If you move across this position, you can find another one behind Leliana. If you make your way upstairs and to her store, you can have the 4th one.

In “Heart of the Many” quest, when you rendezvous with Cyril, you will get another coin. Throw all of them in the fountain to complete the task.

Hard to Stomach
You can initiate this quest once you are in Chateau. After your first guard, from the darkness, head to the hall side beside you. And when the first group of guards have moved, head towards right to start a cutscene. You should tell that you are needed in the garden.

Add the ingredients on the respective tables in precise amounts and then ultimately pour the mixture in Leopold’s food to complete the job.

Literary Theft

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