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Dark Souls Boss Strategy Guide

There is a reason we call those giant enemies as “Boss”. They will always give you a tough time as compared to the regular enemies. And when we talk about Dark Souls, Boss fights can’t get tougher/complicated than this.

If you are stuck in any Boss Fight and defeating that demon seems impossible for you then we are here with some tips that can help you win the fight. The golden principle is to learn about dodging enemies’ AoE attacks.

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Dark Souls Boss – Bed of Chaos
You need to doge the arm attacks. They are fast but if you are able to dodge it once, you can enter the its opening. Health potions are vital here. Once you are inside, move along while you break the branches. You will ultimately reach the core. Destroy the core to get rid of this branch demon.

Dark Souls Boss – Bell Gargoyles
Don’t stay stationary as the melee attacks through that hammer will do a great damage to you. You can use the shield to block some attacks. You will have to persistent as you won’t get more than a couple of straight hits. Try attacking it from the back when it strikes the hammer on the ground.

When the second Gargoyles enters the fight, both will use fire attacks. Follow their pattern to predict the attack and then dodge it.

Dark Souls Boss – Bed of Chaos
As you enter the fight, you will find two orbs in the chamber. You need to dodge the its arm swipes and get close to it. Jump towards its inner side and then break all the branches you find along your way. You will ultimately reach the central core. Destroy it to bring the demon down.

Dark Souls Boss – Capra Demon
You can lure the demon below the small ledge and then do a plunging attack. Stairs lead to this ledge in the back of the room. Otherwise, the key is to dodge his attacks by reading the patterns and then attack when you get the chance usually after just after hiss attack.

Dark Souls Boss – Ceaseless Discharge
There is a simple dodge and attack principle to get this dude. Make sure that its instantaneous tentacle attacks don’t get you. Keep moving across the ledge and when you get the chance, hit it as hard as you.

Dark Souls Boss – Centipede Demon
You have a small area to fight with this demon. First, you need to leisure it in from the lave to the dry patch so that you can attack it. You can dodge its sting attacks by jumping along the length of the dry patch.

It will jump above you at times, and when it does, you need to strike it hard. Health potions are going to be your best friends in this fight. When the demon is bout to die, it will make bombs fall from the ceiling. What should you do? Run away as far as possible and then wait for the opportunity to attack.

Dark Souls Boss – Chaos Witch Quelaag
Fortunatley,the witch is no that fast and you will have enough time to get it on the counter. Of course, you need to dodge its fiery attacks. You can roll away from it when needed. Since the demon is not that fast so you need to watch out for its AoE attacks. You have plenty of space to move so make it count.

Darks Souls Boss – Crossbreed Priscilla
Can’t see the boss? Focus on ground to track her footsteps. You need to keep moving and when you find her in range, hit her a couple of times and dash away quickly. If you lose her tracks, try to be defensive as you can be attacked from any side. You will have to repeat this exercise several times before you take her down.

Dark Souls Boss – Demon Firesage
Don’t try to engage it directly. This demon has variety of attacks. It can use the lengthy axe along with the fire attacks. When it places its axe on the ground then it’s the symbol of the AoE attack so you need to move away when you see this.

He will jump towards you sometimes and hit axe on the ground. This will be your time to place some hits. Simply put, you can’t dodge its every attack so health liquors will play a vital role in this fight.

Dark Souls Boss – Dragon Slayer Ornstein and Executioner Smough
You can’t fight them both alone. Even if you manage to take down one then the other will either grow stronger or bigger. If you want to do it the straight way then hit and trail is the only thing that can help you due to the diverse nature of attacks.

Try isolating them and then attack. You won’t have much time to execute your attacks. Otherwise, if you have some humanity in your bank, you can summon Solaire of Astora through the symbol above the stairs. This will make your fight one on one which is a lot easier than fighting both a the same time.

Dark Souls – Four Kings
Inside the Abyss, Kings will be your enemies. At the start, there will be only one and then all four will appear. Your armor’s defense is critical in this fight. You need to defend the AoE attacks using the shield.

Make sure that you are in near as they will execute their damaging AoE attacks from distance. Then the grab attack can take half of your health. So you need to stay close but mobile. They will re-spawn after death till the health bar is depleted so you can’t relax for a second throughout the fight.

Dark Souls Boss – Gaping Dragon
You will have to get close to it (in between his legs) to inflict some damage. You can’t stay there for long as it will spit sometimes. Whenever it goes air-borne, you should move away quickly to avoid being crushed by its bulky body. Its melee attacks are dangerous but as long as you stay near its leg to the right side, the probability of getting hit will be reduced.

Dark Souls Boss- Gravelord Nito
This fight would have been a lot easier without the skeletons which actually make your life difficult. Now the safer option is to lure him towards the entrance. Wait for it to spit the lethal air which takes out all the skeletons in the area and then attack.

Sometimes during the fight, you will have to shift your attention towards the skeletons first as they can overrun you in no time. Nito’s physical attacks are not tough to dodge making it slightly easier for you to reduce the smaller foes first. Don’t be hasty and use any time you get to restore your health.

Dark Souls Boss – Great Grey Wolf Sif
This beast demon is one heck of a fight. You need to predict its two spin attacks because of you take both the hits, it will consume your stamina and half of your health bar. It has a sword in the mouth not for playing, so move back when it swings that sword.

The annoying thing in this fight is that you won’t be able to place more than one hit at a time as it quickly jumps back when you make a contact. Your patience will be tested. But if you want to bring the wolf down, you need to keep it steady throughout the fight. It won’t be surprising if it takes you 30 minutes at-least to kill the brute.

Dark Souls Boss – Gwyn
Final fights are always tough. And this one too, won’t disappoint you. He has impressive agility and effective physical attacks making a lethal combination. You need to act like a tank and stay defensive. You will need plenty of stamina for blocking and dodging.

You can hit it when it tries to grab you or kick you. Don’t over do it in the greed of getting more hits.As long as you are alive, you can have more opportunities.

Dark Souls Boss – Iron Golem
The prominent part of this fight is that you can fall off the platform you are fighting on. Golem’s physical attacks are strong enough to push you off the cliff even if you are using the shield to block. So try to keep the fight in the center.

After specific amount of damage is done, it will be stunned so you can hit it till it’s dead.

Dark Souls Boss – Moonlight Butterfly
Long range attacks will help you in this fight. Magic attacks will do. You can inflict damage to the creƤture while it is in air. It is recommended that you move away to dodge the magic attacks as blocking won’t help.

If you don’t use any magic attacks then wait for the creature to land on the ledge to swing your weapon. You can also summon (if you are human of course) a companion for which the symbol can be found in the grass at the bottom of the tower.

Darks Souls Boss – Pin Wheel
This one can create its own copies/replicas and then cast magical spells. Just dodge the attacks and hit it with everything you have. It’s not a difficult fight.

Seath the Scaleless
This monster has the ability to regenerate health. The attribute is associated with the magic crystals at its back. You need to get back their and destroy these crystals first. You need to be cautious of its AoE attack which is symbolized when it gets down on the ground and groans.

Wait for it to use its laser beam and then attack. You will have to repeat the exercise multiple times till you are able to bring it down.

Dark Souls Boss – Taurus Demon
You can eliminate this foe by using plunge attacks on it. Climb up the ladder near the white door and jump on it when it gets near. While on the ground, you can stay between his legs to avoid the physical attacks. The exercise may seem troublesome but that’s easiest way to deal with this demon.

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