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Terraria Mining Guide

Mining is another way of getting the items in Terraria. You’ll have to dig up the ground of different areas with different ways to get your desired item. It is pretty much detailed but it can get boring too.

For a successful mining operation you MUST have the following items:

  • 50 Torches
  • Potions
  • Furnace (house)
  • Bottles


Torches are essential tools for digging. Once you go underground you need them for proper exploring. As you know that the torches can be made by combining the Gel &Wood. Grab 15 gels by killing the slimes and then take the wood (50) from the trees. Combine these two and make 50 torches.


Potions are made by Sand & Mushrooms – and at the moment you’ll have none of it. Go towards the right or left of your spawning point and keep walking until you go the SAND terrain. Everybody can differentiate between sand.

Make sure if you hit up the corruption land, you turn towards the other side. At this level it is pretty much difficult to handle. The corruption area has PURPLE grass. Once you have found the sand just dig it up like you do the other terrains.

It is very simple and easy to gather too. Look for Mushrooms once you’re here and there trips. You’ll find a couple in your way to find the sand. Grab 10 mushrooms and then head back to your house.


Now you need a furnace which allows us to craft more items just like the workbench. You need 20 stones, 4 wood and 3 torches to craft it. So if you don’t have these items already go out and find them. You can simply craft a furnace at your house by going to the crafting menu.


Now you need bottles – bottles can be crafted by the help of a furnace. Go near to the furnace and access the crafting menu. You’ll see an option to create glass by the use of sand. Use all of your sand and make 25 glass materials.

Now you can further modify the glass to bottles by the help of the furnace. Make all 50 bottles. Now to make the healing potions you will have to make an alchemy table. Just put a bottle on your table and open the crafting menu. You’ll now see the option to make Healing Potions. Use all of your resources and make the most of it.


Now that you have all of the required items, you should go out for digging. The digging can be done almost anywhere – even at the floating islands. You can dig deeper and deeper or just the top of the terrains to find your required items. Now find any suitable area and start digging.

Make sure you don’t dig straight downwards because you won’t be able to get back up as your character can’t jump higher than 7 blocks. Place torches on the ground or on the wall once you progress in further digging. If you don’t have enough then you can simply go back and make more.

When you are digging you’ll find different blocks – These blocks will differ from the main terrain. They can be of anything like copper, clay or iron. You can simply differentiate between them by their color. Grab a little of all of this but make sure your number of iron is more than copper. Another NPC comes to your house once you have collected 50 silver in your inventory, and it sells useful items.


Digging will also find you some POTS – These pots are breakable and consist of different items like potions, coins, and explosives. These pots are key to the NPC which will sell you bombs. Once you have enough bombs he will move to your own house and make it his own. So you will have to create another for the next NPC to come in.


Compared to pots, there are only few chests you can find – they are very difficult to find and are not in a great number but there rewards are very useful. Each chest consists of some rare items which can increase your character abilities (Jumps, speed, weapons etc.) You can even break this chest and then put it back in your house for storing the items you don’t want to carry or save your inventory.


You’ll also find crystal hearts. These hearts are also breakable and are used to increase your maximum health bar. The first one will also get a nurse to your house which can heal you for something (mostly copper)


After you have collected enough of the ores (Iron, Copper, Gold etc.) it’s time to utilize them. You can use them for making different items like accessories, armor, or weapons.

Go back to your house (furnace) and access the crafting menu. You can make a bar of every 3 copper/iron ores. These bars can be used to make other stronger items. Now you need an anvil for making the items. You can either craft it by using 5 of your iron bars or buy it from the merchant.

It depends on you whether you want to spend 50 silver coins or spend some of your time in digging up the ores. Once you have got the anvil you can craft other useful items by the help of it. The strength of what you craft depends on the ore’s quality. The quality of the ores is the following (Weaker to Stronger)

(Copper – Iron – Silver – Gold – Demonite – Meteorite – Hellstone)

The weaker ores are easier to find and the stronger are pretty much difficult to get a hand to. The last three of these are very difficult to find. Most of these only appear after defeating a boss.
Now that you have made enough bars of these ores you can craft many items. Some of them are:
The simple pickaxe which is used for mining

Used for chopping down trees.

It can break heavy things.

Defensive Armor.

Defensive Armor.

Defensive Armor.

Fast but less damage.

Slower than Shortsword but it can attack both sides.

A simple bow.

Now it’s your choice to grab and craft whatever you need. Try to avoid the Bow and the Hammer as they are not very much useful for the beginners.