Top 10 Most Violent Games of All Time

Fun seeking adults lacking parental control have showed an uncanny affinity to extremely violent games, and it’s no secret that their appetite for violence and gore has been satisfied by games that go to the most extreme levels of brutality and immorality.

Today, we feel rather evil, and have decided to give you a list of 10 most violent games that we can remember.

This probably isn’t the first list to give its opinion of which game is the most violent, but due to some great releases over the recent years, it’s only fair to give an updated version of the Top 10. Here goes a lot of blood, violence, and all the other bad things that parents are supposed to keep their kids away from.

10. Silent Hill 2

You are definitely not a sadistic blood-lover if you haven’t played the spooky Silent Hill games. Out of the many releases in the series, Silent Hill 2 is probably the most disturbing and violent, simply because of the location its set in, and also because of James’s twisted perspective of things. Gory enemies, disturbing images, and brutal ways of killing monsters are the elements that allow it to be one of the ten most violent games in recent years.

9. Blood Rayne 2

If you have to play as an ultra-hot, tall redheaded chick with abnormal looking swords, you know things aren’t going to turn out pretty. Blood Rayne 2 is all about gruesomely chopping up enemies, and doing it in style. Though the prequel was equally brutal, Blood Rayne 2 beats it simply because of better graphics, and hence more realistic looking violence and gore ‘comparatively’.

8. Resident Evil 4

Resident Evil games were never a walk in a park. Even if they were, it was a walk in a park filled with nasty rotting zombies and disturbing monsters. Resident Evil 4, with its newish gameplay and unique feel, added much more to the horror experience that comes with a Resident Evil game.

It may have not been as freaky as the previous games in the series, but it definitely contained much more violence, gore and blood, hence making it perhaps one of the most violent games in history. Be it perturbing half-zombies with massive chainsaws, hooded weirdos with spiders as their heads, or very freaky monsters called Regenerators; Resident Evil 4 was a display of brutality, bloodshed and immense gore.

7. Grand Theft Auto (Series)

Almost every gamer has experienced the game’s larger-than-law approach; whether they have liked it or disliked it is another story. Grand Theft Auto may have not featured limbs flying in all directions, but it has featured some of the most controversial elements yet.

If a game encourages beating people to death with a hammer, shamelessly machine-gunning cops and civilians out in the public, or increasing your health by visiting prostitutes, you know it deserves a place in the Top 10 most violent games to date. Which GTA game deserves the highest applause for this, umm, feat, we can’t really say, as each GTA game has had its unique share of violence.

6. Manhunt (Series)

Manhunt was perhaps the first series that combined survival instincts and shear brutality. The game went so extreme that it was suspended due to rating rejections in numerous countries and an Adult Only rating in the United States, only to be modified by Rockstar studios later on, and given a Mature rating.

The game underwent immense censorship because it contains extremely barbarous elements such as execution with unorthodox weapons like sledge hammers, shears, baseball bats, shovels and other makeshift weapons. In addition to the savage nature of just about every character in series, drug usage is also encouraged.

5. Soldier of Fortune (Series)

Here is a game that revolutionized violence and gore in games with its GHOUL damage model engine. Though Soldier of Fortune was a Nazi-related story-driven game, it got its fame because of its realistic violence system.

The GHOUL engine enabled depiction of extreme graphic violence, since every character model was based on body parts that can independently sustain damage. That meant flying limbs, partially blown heads, destroyed torsos and lots of other disturbing things you don’t see too often in First Person Shooters.

4. God of War 3

It’s not odd to be thankful that you aren’t a god while watching Kratos do the things he is so disturbingly good at. Though God of War 1 and 2 had a good bit of violence and brutality in them, it’s evident in God of War 3 that Kratos is pissed more than ever.

Some of the executions and Quick Time events in God of War 3 are so extreme that they almost make you feel pity for whoever is unfortunate to be getting the dose Kratos is offering.

God of War will always be remembered as a phenomenal and one of the most rightfully famed game series ever; it will be remembered equally for the merciless nature of Kratos and what troubles and pain his poor victims have to endure.

3. Dead Space (Series)

Desperate times call for desperate measures, and that certainly applies for poor Isaac’s situation. If dismembering the limbs of monster-turned human enemies is the only way to get rid of them, then Isaac Clare will do it with anything you give him, be it his engineering tools, his magnetic boots or his large armored gloves.

Dead Space adopts all the goods of the Resident Evil games, and puts them in a setting which is far freakier, far more claustrophobic and much more brutal than Capcom’s illustrious horror game. Dead Space is the modern achievement of gaming developers, because it has given players the spooks, the hear-attack giving suspense, and lots of violence and gore to make our already twisted minds twist even more.

In fact, players become so wary of the carking possibilities in the game, that they have no choice but to stomp on every dead body they find.

2. Mortal Kombat (2011)

Any Mortal Kombat game can be included in this list, but after the release of the latest installment in the series, Mortal Kombat has become what everyone had wanted it to be. The Mortal Kombat series is a one of a kind, because it was probably the first game to feature immense violence and gore in a fighting game.

It isn’t just about the huge amounts of blood or spinal fluid falling on the ground, or the bone-crushing X-ray moves that are a treat to both watch and execute, it is the combination of all these, along with the most famous things of all, Fatalities, that makes this game so famous and so admired.

Mortal Kombat (2011) does the goods by bringing us the classic feel of Mortal Kombat, along with the cool x-ray moves. But its outstanding feature is the unique, brand new Fatalities for every player. Some will rip your head off, and munch on it; some will dismember your leg and beat the living crap out of you with it; some will explode your body parts with rockets and some will rip you apart with the assistance of their shadow.

Regardless of which Mortal Kombat character you choose, or how you play, Mortal Kombat (2011) will always remind you of how much physical damage special powers can do.

1. Postal 2

And topping the list is none other than the either over-loved or over-hated Postal 2. The Postal series is perhaps the most negative game series ever to be released. It’s not just about gore and violence; it’s about being purely evil.

The game puts you in a terribly negative world, with just about each and every element encouraging or tempting the player to do something absolutely horrible, such as going on a rampage and killing everything and anything you see (which is termed as going ‘Postal’ in the game), or beating someone up until they start to whimper and urinate with fear.

If a game gets banned in certain countries simply because of being the way it is, then there is truly something not right with this game. That is pretty much how Postal is. It is everything that has ever been declared wrong, false, immoral, unethical and un-human.

Running With Scissors, the developers of this highly controversial title, state that it is possible to finish Postal 2 without engaging in any sort of immoral activity. However, this is almost entirely impossible in most cases, not to mention that players are almost compelled by the situations to use extreme amounts of violence to have a chance of surviving.

Dude (the ‘protagonist’ of the game) is seriously not a nice guy, and thanks to the large amount of hideously insane things he can do, Postal 2 earns the title of Most Violent Game in history.