Magicka Errors, Crashes, Freezes and Fixes

Magicka is an action-adventure game set in the fantasy world of Midgard, where elemental magic rules the land, goblins and trolls are perfectly harmless – well, perhaps not entirely, and all the villagers are wise-cracking smartalecks.

Magicka immediately caught attention of the masses with its interesting and engaging gameplay but not all the hype surrounding the game is for the right reasons. Only game to get one patch every 24 hours to date ? Yeah! If you are among those experiencing problems running the game, refer to our troubleshooting guide and don’t forget to update the game. The developers have released 4 patches already.

Magicka Errors, Crashes, Freezes, and Fixes

Note. Update the game to the latest patch.

1# Authentication Failed Fix
The “Authentication failed” message is related to a Steam error message and indicates one of the following.

  • Steam has banned you from VAC play.
  • Your Steam client isn’t running.
  • The connection (to the steams server browser) timed out.

Since the two first are pretty unlike/unusual you can assume that it’s because the connection timed out. Steam Servers Loaded ?

2# Magicka Save Games Deleted (Bug) – Fix
If you have your game progress wiped out after the latest patch of the game, grab the save game files from here for Chapter 1 to Chapter 12.

Note. Your existing save games will be wiped if you do this.

  • Unzip the file
  • Choose the chapter you want to load and copy that save file and put it in the folder ….Steam\steamapps\common\magicka\SaveData
  • Start the game and voila – the saved game should appear in the 3rd slot. Temporary fix until the developers fix this issue.

3# Game Crashes When Playing a Challenge

4# Can’t Launch the Game – Magicka Crashes
If you have been unsuccessful in launching the game till now. Know that it may be due to several reasons. Try to minimize the possibilities, update graphic card drivers, start the game as admin, install Direct X update, XNA redistributable, and update .net framework. If you hear any sound when you execute the executable – Set your speakers to Digital Sound Interface.

5# Black/White Flickering Screen
After you start Magicka, you get this screen flickering in black and white. You can hear music and but can’t do anything else. Update your graphic card drivers and the game will start fine.

6# Mouse Wheel Not Working ?
Update the game to the latest patch and it will start working. If its Logitech mouse then try the following workaround.

  • Install / Reinstall the latest version of SetPoint to be sure
  • Click the “Mouse” icon in SetPoint, set the Middle Mouse Button to “Middle Mouse Button”. By Default the Middle Mouse Button is set to “Nothing”.

7# Magicka Multiplayer Crash
Magicka crashes without any warning when you try to play the game online with your friends ? I don’t have anything on that especially when I myself faced this issue and after countless attempts to get it to work, I couldn’t. May be few more patches and we will be all playing together.

8# Magicka Stuttering – Low Frame Rates/Performance
Game works fine but in certain areas like forest, their is a sudden dip in performance and poor frame rates. Be Patient wait for the developers to fix this issue.

9# How to Launch the Magicka Windowed
Go to Steam Library, Magicka -> properties -> set launch options -> and add -windowed.

10# Duplicating Weapons Bug – Exploit

  • Get to end of a level.
  • Kill your buddy.
  • Take his weapon.
  • End the level.

At the beginning of the next level, you will have whatever equipment you picked up and your buddy will have whatever weapon he dropped.

11# Can’t Launch Magicka – Crash to Desktop
Update your .Net Framework to latest. If that doesn’t resolve this issue then try the workarounds listed here. Make sure you are experience this problem before going for that workaround – You launch the game, you get the white screen, no cursor and then it crashes back to desktop without giving any error.

12# Xbox 360 Controller Issue – Magicka
If your controller is not working in-game. You must use the controller to select your character and press “join”. My solution in general is at the character creation screen, press escape on the keyboard so that no characters are selected, then press “A” on the Xbox controller to join. Then navigate everything with the Xbox controller.

13# Poor Framerates – Graphics Issue
If you are experience poor performance/frame rates on a high end graphic card, try running the game windowed. Or disabling Vsync.

14# Magicka Multiplayer Port Forwarding
TCP and UDP – 7331 and all the steam ports which can be found here.

15# Crash on Multiplayer
Install/Update XNA Redistributable 3.1. Update Direct X also update .Net Framework to 3.5 and hope it is resolved.

16# Chapter 12 Falling off the Cliff Bug Fix
If you are experiencing this bug, follow this strange workaround and you may get lucky.

cushenstein. My character kept moving off the cliff at the boss battle, so I tried something odd that actually worked. I went invisible, then approached from the left side. The character moved up like he might jump off, but then turned to the right and everything went fine.

17# Tips to Successfully Connect to Multiplayer
Problem : The game graphics seem to go to VGA mode when you attempt to join an online game. Or the screen just goes dark

Fix: Try to run the game in windowed mode for the first couple of times. This has helped some of my friends actually connect to multi player games. Once the game has started, you can ALT+ENTER to go back to full screen.

Problem: Magicka has crashed once and you are now trying to host another game, but no one can join (even thought they could before).

Fix: Even though the game has crashed, there is still an old magicka.exe process running in your task manager. Close down magicka, hit CTRL+ALT+DEL, go to your task manager. Click on the process TAB and find the magicka.exe process. Kill this process and restart the game. Your friends should be able to connect to you again.
Tips by sberends.

18# Chapter 6 and Chapter 12 Crash – Fix
1. Open your file browser and navigate to:

steam install path>\steamapps\common\magicka\Content\Models\Boss es\assatur

2. Make a copy of the file “assatur_0” in the same folder.
3. Rename the copy to “assatur_dmg_0”
4. Start the game and it will work fine now.

Try at your own Risk! – This issue has been addressed in 4th patch of the game. So update is recommended.

19# Camera Lock Bug
If game camera locks up while playing the game and you can’t move and are stuck. You are unlucky! Though it has something to do with Goblin archer. Whenever you face them, they seem to get stuck while trying to shoot at you. Sweep a beam in their direction and you will start moving again.

Errors, Crashes, Freezes, Bugs, and Features – Fixed with Patch #1

  • Characters will now clear any crossfading previously in progress when initializing.
  • Character network performance has been improved.
  • Servers will now properly clear pending clients when starting a game.
  • Some grapical improvement has been made to the tutorial level.
  • Burning grease is now working properly over network.
  • Grease network performance has been improved.
  • PhysicsObjects now update their orientations correctly over network.
  • DamageableObjects status effects now work properly over network.
  • Character status effects now work properly over network.
  • Fixed a dialog problem which prevented cutscenes from ending properly.
  • Wizard castle collision mesh has been adjusted.
  • Havindr Arena’s collision mesh has been adjusted.
  • Glade’s collision mesh has been adjusted.
  • Hyphen (-) has been added and other fixes have been made to the fonts.
  • Ruins script has been modified.
  • Ruins textures has been improved.
  • A few missing NPC name tags have been added.
  • A glitch when characters performed multiple move orders in sequence has been fixed.
  • Picking up items over network has been fixed.
  • Random teleport over network has been fixed.
  • Music will reset properly when restarting from checkpoints now.
  • NPC wizards now use the correct coloring for network clients.

Errors, Crashes, Freezes, Bugs and Features – Fixed with Patch #2

  • Multiple move orders with delays will now properly stop during the delay.
  • Steam usernames longer than 15 characters will now be shortened instead of crashing.
  • The errorReport in the application directory now also contains a version numbers.
  • Server lists can now be properly scrolled.
  • Fixed a bug when displaying an already disposed server in server listing which caused a crash.
  • Path names are now region safe.
  • Chapter 6 Scene 4 (Grimnir mind duel) now spawns the correct amount of spawns.
  • Removed VAC option, all online games now use VAC.
  • Improved cutscene-skip in Chapter 2 Scene 2.
  • Improved cutscene-skip in Chapter 3 Scene 3.
  • Checkpoint added in Chapter 6 Scene 5 (Grimnir boss fight).
  • Added keyboard binding for cast self (default middle mouse button)
  • Statuseffect desync crash fixed.
  • Animation time desync crash fixed.
  • Cancel button added to gamepad configuration popup.
  • Icon added for break free action.
  • Icon added for boost action.
  • Icon added for magic action.

Errors, Crashes, Freezes, Bugs and Features – Fixed with Patch #3

  • UPnP will no longer crash the game.
  • Lack of playable avatar will no longer crash the game.
  • Improved reports on disconnect and connection failed.
  • Game crash on startup due to old gamer with long name fixed.
  • Game terminates properly on crash.
  • Save data wipe bug on multiplayer disconnect fixed.
  • Boss crashes in Chapter 6 and 12 fixed.
  • Servers limited to 4 simultaneous steam users.
  • Players that have not selected a slot when the game starts is kicked.
  • Server browser no longer displays games of a different version.
  • Version miss match check.
  • No longer possible to bounce between islands in Chapter 6
  • Fixed interrupted dialog from Vlad in Chapter 6.
  • Fixed trigger sequence in Chapter 9.
  • Chapter 12 boss damage texture added.
  • Fixed a bug where a client was locked in an animation.
  • Delayed message from steam no longer forces player into game.
  • Challenges are now playable using the French version
  • Added version number in menu.
  • Added server password. (player requested feature)
  • Default undie-time changed to 0.5s (Staff of the Dead)
  • Beam spells merging sometimes crashes game with stack overflow (for real)
  • Chat still awkwardly positioned.
  • Self-shields sometimes get out of sync
  • Players are still able to have multiple summons
  • Server list sorting not implemented
  • Network congestion on high ping (>400ms) connections still problematic.
  • Game stutters slightly on some systems despite good performance (cause known, fix pending)
  • Steam attempts to install XNA framework every time game is launched or rare occasion
  • Game sometimes hogs uplink bandwidth – (Being researched)

Errors, Crashes, Freezes, Bugs and Features – Fixed with Patch #4

  • Fixed Move orders such as the one in Chapter 12 (For real this time).
  • Fixed trigger ID sync over network (Should fix Chapter 7 crash).
  • Fixed uninitialized AI crashing.
  • Fixed crashes due to messages arriving early in high latency games.
  • Fixed Vlad incorrect clothes in Chapter 3.
  • Fixed server list bug, which caused users to connect to wrong game.
  • Fixed joining a password protected game through steam overlay.
  • Fixed falling damage not working properly.
  • Fixed “OMG they killed yellow..” achievement awarded when killing purple (Good theory on the LA Lakers)
  • Improved disconnect notice.
  • Improved damages over network.
  • Improved cut scene skip in early Chapter 1.
  • Improved chat position.
  • Improved challenge level selection indicator.
  • Added Checkpoint to the party in Chapter 1
  • Added missing boss titles in Chapter 1 and 12.
  • Balanced Dwarf Priests (Swedish Chef Brigade); is now more difficult.
  • Balanced Chapter 9 boss; is now more difficult.
  • Balanced Chapter 12 boss; is now more difficult.
  • Beam spells merging sometimes crashes game with stack overflow (for real)
  • Self-shields sometimes get out of sync
  • Players are still able to have too many summons (Changed because of community feedback)Server list sorting not implemented
  • Network congestion on high ping (>400ms) connections still problematic.
  • Game stutters slightly on some systems despite good performance (cause known, fix pending)
  • Steam attempts to install XNA framework every time game is launched or rare occasion
  • Game sometimes hogs uplink bandwidth – (Being researched)
  • “Too fancy for fireballs” achievement is sometimes not awarded
  • Quitting the game while the credits are rolling will not award a game complete.
  • Mouse outside screen in full screen with multiple monitors will minimize the game.

Good Luck! You will seriously need it during your persistent efforts running this game. One positive thing I admire the developer for is their dedication to fix this game. They are hard at work releasing patches and fixes consistently and taking every word of community feedback seriously. Something you don’t find with the developers these days.