12 Classic Games You Should Play on Christmas

Merry Christmas – and if you were planning on reliving the classic video games on Christmas, you should give these games a try.

PlayStation 3

Metal Gear Solid 4: Guns Of The Patriots
I won’t be wrong to say that many people bought the ps3 just so they could play this game. The franchise is a legend and as is Solid Snake. The game is categorized as a stealth shooter with a very detailed story line. There are countless jaw dropping cut scenes and the gameplay is sweet.

The storyline continues from the previous titles and some things might be new to you if you’re playing this game for the first time. But in all you are guaranteed to go back up the series just for the complete story and gameplay experience. This title is a must play if you haven’t already.

Uncharted 2: Among Thieves
Uncharted is a game where you play a real life Indiana Jones. Yes, its a treasure finding game and it is equivalent of Raiders of the Lost Ark. You play Nathan Drake whose a big time adventurer and can handle himself in any situation. The game will take you to beautifully detailed places with superb eye candy. The multiplayer aspect will also play its part keeping you glued to the game for some time.

Red Dead Redemption
Red Dead Redemption
We have had many traditional western shooters out there but Red Dead Redemption takes the cake. You play a bandit hero whose story line is plagued with honor and betrayal. The game has covered every aspect of the west and you’ll be doing just about anything. From taking down bounties to stopping bank robberies, you’ll feel the thrill of old school gun fights and stagecoach races. You’ll love this game even if you arn’t a die hard western fan. I just hope you’re quick on the draw…


Half Life 2
Half-Life 2
I don’t know about others but for me the era of first person shooters really kicked off with the original half-life. Both parts have similar game mechanics but Half-Life 2 gets to be on top because of its gameplay experience and intense storyline.

You play Gordon Freeman, a scientist who knows how to use a gun. You’ll be running through the mazes of City 17 taking down their private army and later on fighting aliens in another dimension. One of the best games on the PC to date, this is a must play if you haven’t already.

Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion
The Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion
The best role playing game of its time, you get to choose your character from various classes. Be it an elf rogue or red guard warrior, you are the hero the times need to stop an ancient evil from entering this world.

You’ll be traveling all over the world helping various people by doing quests. In doing so you’ll gain experience which helps you to level up making your character stronger. Keep on finding unique weapons along the way and join clubs to gain additional stats. You will be submerged into a fantasy world where anything is possible.

Team Fortress 2
Team Fortress 2
A multiplayer team based game by valve is the thing for this Christmas. You are given 7 classes to choose from with each classes having its own pros and cons. Combine different abilities of different classes to form an strong attack or defense with your friends online. The game is highly recognized world wide with competitions being held all year round. This year you can just have the whole family putting each other on fire with the Pyro class or killing their medic with your spy.

Xbox 360

Project Gotham Racing 4
Project Gotham Racing 4
Project Gotham Racing 4 is more than just a sequel to its earlier titles. The game has great appeal similar to the first title. You will see to dramatic weather effects, a whole list of iconic vehicle selection list and a stable strong online experience with web stats. Further more you have the options of sharing your replays and photos over Xbox Live. Go back to the roots of road carnage with skidding bikes and drifting vehicles this Christmas.

Gears Of War
You’ll be playing a badass Marcus Fenix in this third-person shooter video game. It’s developed by Epic Games and the game definitley has its epic moments. You are part of a Delta Squad fighting to save the human inhabitants of a planet Sera from a Locust Horde bent on killing all. You are going to use obstacles for cover as you fire your lancer to kill them or go in close and open them up with your chainsaw.

Ninja Gaiden II
Ninja Gaiden II
The game as the title suggests have you controlling a ninja by the name of Ryu. You will use the game’s new combat system to sever enemy limbs and tear them up with your sword and other ninja related weapons. The game has much gore and violence to it. You’ll travel to various exotic locations designed in Tokyo rescuing agents and killing members of the Black Spider Ninja Clan. You’ll be fighting hordes of ninjas at a time and will use deadly combos to hack and slash right through them.


Tony Hawk Ride
Tony Hawk: Ride
If you’re an extreme sport fan then you’ll love this one. The Tony Hawk: Ride sees to you skating around on your screen. You’ll be using an actual board while the character on screen does the running but your balance and jumps will see to accurate stunts on screen.

Punch Out
If you have a beef to settle this Christmas then this game is just for you. Punch out as the name suggests is a boxing game where you throw your punches with real power and feel them connect on screen. Have a buddy to virtual spar with and flatten him in the ring… on screen off course.

The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess
The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess
If you already don’t know then the franchise name “Zelda” is legendary in games. The story focuses on Link who tries to prevent his kingdom Hyrule from being destroyed by a parallel dimension known as the twilight realm. You’ll be assisted by a creature named Midna through out the game. The game has won many awards and is a must play.