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Diablo III Class – The Barbarian

The barbarians home was destroyed in Diablo II: Lord Of Destruction. With Mount Arreat devastated, the walking mountain of rage now makes an appearance in Diablo III.

The barbarian class is the only one that has been brought back from the previous title. They are a warrior melee class and rely on sheer brute strength to destroy their enemies. They have great physical strength and are able to wield the strongest physical weapons in the game. The barbarian will also be able to dual-wield weapons in the game making him a very formidable class to be played with.

Diablo III Class – Barbarian Abilities

Cleave: The barbarian swings his weapon at his enemy with amazing force, causing splash damage to the enemies in front.

Ground Stomp: The barbarian builds up rage inside of him and unleashes it by stomping the ground. It causes all enemies around him to be stunned.

Leap: The barbarian launches himself at a group of enemies causing damage too all enemy units around him when he lands.

Seismic Slam: The barbarian once again stomps the ground but this time he releases a shock wave that destroys anything in its path.

Whirlwind: The barbarian starts spinning around attacking anything in it’s path.