Bad Company 2: Vietnam Errors, Crashes, Freezes and Fixes

Battlefield Bad Company 2: Vietnam DLC has just been released with few minor issues for some of you that need to be addressed before you will be able to play the new content.

Refer to the troubleshooting guide below if you come across any issue while trying to play the game. Or have problems installing Vietnam DLC along with your previous standalone Battlefield: Bad Company 2 installation.

Battlefield Bad Company 2: Vietnam Troubleshooting Guide

1# Timeout Trying to Update PB Client Error – 0 minute kick
If you are getting kicked with this error message, you need to update your punkbuster manually. First off, make sure you have the game in your firewall exceptions list and disable the antivirus.

Try connect to the server now. If it still doesn’t connect, update the punkbuster manually, go to, download the files and put them in your pb folder.

2# Vietnam Expansion Pre-order Activation Issues
If you preordered the DLC and have yet to receive the activation code via obvious channels, you should probably contact the support

Vietnam DLC was pushed in the recent Battlefield: Bad Company 2 patch so all you need to do is unlock it by redeeming the code.

3# Can’t Login to EA Download Manager
If you have patched the game recently and can’t login to EA Download Manager. There are several things you can do to resolve this. First, make sure there aren’t any firewall or antivirus blocking the download manager.

Re-Add EA Download Manager to firewall and antivirus exception list. If it still persists, you can try the workaround below, rest assured developers are trying to fix this.

Sol. Download the old version of EA Download Manager here. Before launching Download Manager, block all the network traffic. It will not show the ‘Upgrade’ Message. Now you can login and download the game.

4# Battlefield Bad Company 2 Vietnam Purchase Not Showing Up in EADM
These games/dlc don’t actually appear in EADM – try patching to the latest version of the game and playing and you should be able to play with the new content.

To see your purchase history, go to and look at order history (it should be the first link).

5# How to Install Battlefield: Bad Company 2 Vietnam on Steam

  1. Right-click on BC2 in your Steam games list and select “View Game CD Key”. You should see a key for BC2: Vietnam. Write it down.
  2. Note. You can also access this key in-game using the Steam overlay if you prefer.

  3. Launch Bad Company 2 and log in.
  4. Click the “Vietnam” button along the left side of the main menu. The game should switch over to Vietnam mode and ask for a product key.
  5. Enter the key you copied down in Step 1.
  6. Bad Company 2: Vietnam should now be activated and playable.

Note. The Steam version of BC2: Vietnam requires the Steam version of BC2!

6# Bad Company 2: Vietnam Activation on Steam
Right click Bad company 2 from your library, click “View Downloadable Content”, copy your Vietnam key and redeem it in-game. Restart Steam.

7# Failed to Connect to EA Online

8# In-Game Radio Not Working – Can’t Hear Sound Tracks
You started Battlefield: Bad Company 2: Vietnam fine, bound the key for the radio and still it doesn’t work. You can do the steps below to fix this issue.

  • Go to your documents folder.
  • Select BFBC2
  • Double click on Gamesettings.
  • Look for: “CarRadio=” it should be at the top.
  • Set “CarRadio=1” to fix this issue.

9# Bad Company 2: Vietnam Missing Chat Box
In the latest patch they changed the way chat box will work now on. Basically it won’t auto show any chat in the game. You will have to press ~ to get the chatbox.

10# Losing Connection to Vietnam Servers
There are certain ports that needs to be opened before you can play Battlefield: Bad Company 2 smoothly. These ports are:

TCP:80, 13505, 18800, 18805
UDP:53, 10000, 11000-11030, 18805

11# Crash to Desktop on Vietnam Login Screen

12# Failed to Connect to Key Server
EA Servers may be busy, wait for a while and it will be fixed.

13# Server Browser Freezes/Returns no Results
Uninstall your antivirus software and it will work fine again. R8 client doesn’t really work well with some antivirus products. Disabling won’t help neither will adding it in the exceptions list.

14# Bad Company 2: Vietnam “Crashing to Desktop” Fix
Open “settings.ini” and find “DxVersion= ” and change it to “DxVersion=9 or 10” whatever you are using.

You can also check our troubleshooting guide on Bad Company 2 in general for other types of errors, and game breaking issues you may come across.

If you are facing any other issue, post in comments and we will try to help you out.