Visual Guide to Call of Duty: Black Ops Maps

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Visual Guide to Call of Duty: Black Ops Maps

The latest installment in Call of Duty series, Call of Duty Black Ops features some interesting multiplayer elements, eye catching graphics, and multiplayer maps of varied sizes. You can see every map featured in Call of Duty Black Ops in the visual guide below.

Call of Duty Black Ops Large Maps

Its suitable for snipers and long range players. The area is covered with heavy snow.
Array From AboveArray CrossbowArray Ninja Strike

Vietnam, it is. Close range combats, Room to Room cover, destroyed buildings and what not.
Cracked Streetfight

The name explains the terrain. It is situated in a valley of Vietnam.
Jungle MapJungle Map

A Soviet base which is not operational anymore. Research says it is great for clan matches.

Call of Duty Black Ops Medium Maps

Cuba, a hidden missile base. Provides both indoor and outdoor fights .
Crysis MapCrysis Birds Eye

The intelligence station of the Soviet. It is heard that the map provides great gameplay for the headquarters gametype.
Grid MapGrid Birds Eye

Fight in a prison, capture the flags.

You need great skills to fight on a street, and tactical movements to survive, Cuban city.
Havana AmbushHavana Birds EyeHavana

As the name says, its a missile launching site and is heard to be perfect for almost any game-type.
LaunchLaunch MapLaunch Map

A plant for the Uranium works. Provides great game-play.
Radiation MenuCall of Duty Black Ops Radiation

It is a good looking long range map of the Cuban estate.
Villa MapVilla Bird

Call of Duty Black Ops Small Maps

Firing Range
Good for domination. Its a training camp for the military.
Firing Range MapFiring Range Birds Eye

Fast game-play, on a nuclear testing area.


Summit Visual DemonstrationSummitSummit

What you think ? Will the multiplayer be a hit ?