Civilization V Hotkeys/Keyboard Shortcuts List

By   /   Sep 23, 2010

Hotkeys/Keyboard Shortcuts can make a big difference in strategy games, especially in multiplayer, when you are short on time. Same goes in case of Civilization V, you obviously can save time using the shortcuts rather than dragging your mouse for each move, which ultimately slows you down.

Following is the list of Hotkeys/Keyboard Shortcuts that can be used in Civilization V.

General Hotkeys

No.HotkeyAction Performed
2F2Economic info
3F3Military info
4F4Diplomacy info
5F5Social Policies Screen
6F6Tech Screen
7F7Notification Log
8F8Victory Progress
10F10Strategic View
11F11Quick Save
12F12Quick Load
13GHex Grid
15EnterEnd Turn
16PeriodNext Unit
17CommaPrevious Unit
18Zoom Out
19+Zoom in
20InsertCapital City View
21HomeCapital City View
22EndCapital City View
23Page upZoom in
24Page DownZoom Out
25Ctrl+RShow Resources Icons
26Ctrl+YYield Icons
27Ctrl+OGame Options
30Ctrl+SpcaeEnd Turn

General Unit Hotkeys

No.HotkeyAction Performed
1MMove Mode
2EExplore (Automated)
5SpaceDo Nothing

Action Hotkeys

No.HotkeyAction Performed
1DeleteDelete Unit
4SSet up Artillery
5HFortify Until Healed

Air Unit Hotkeys

NoHotkeyAction Performed
1Alt+RRebase Mode
2SAir Strike Mode
3Alt+SAir Sweep
5NNuke Mode

Civilian Unit Hotkeys

No.HotkeyAction Performed
1BFound City
2ABuild Improvements (automated)
3RConstruct a Railroad
4RConstruct a Road
5Alt+RRoute to Mode
6Alt+CRemove a Jungle
7Alt+CClear a Marsh
8TConstruct a Trading Post
9HConstruct a Camp
10IConstruct a Farm
11NConstruct a Mine
12PConstruct a Plantation
13QConstruct a Quarry
14PConstruct a Pasture
15FConstruct a Fort
16OCreate a Well
17FCreate Fishing Boats
18OCreate Offshore Platform
19Alt+CRemove Forest
20BackspaceCancel Last Mission
21LConstruct a Lumber Mill

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