How to Add Bots to Alien Swarm Multiplayer via Console

Alien Swarm originally intended to have bots support by default but ended up having none. You will be surprised that you can still add bots to Alien Swarm Multiplayer with minimum of issues. Bots seem to handle every level well, holding fire formation and providing support on the go. Follow this guide below to add and remove Alien Swarm Bots to your server. Go through the config if you want to automate things.

How to Add Bot to Alien Swarm Multiplayer

cl_selectm (marinenum) (slot)

Put 0-7 number for Sarge, Wildcat, etc in (marinenum) being numbers. (slot) being 0-3 number, for players 1-4, respectively. You can also use slot number -1 to add to the first available slot.

How to Remove Bot From Alien Swarm Multiplayer

cl_dselectm (marinenum)

Again, the same rules apply. Alternatively you can use “removebot_<name>” and “removebots” commands to make this easier.

Note: These command line functions should be used directly from the lobby menu, using them anywhere else would result in a invalid command error from console.

Below is the config by Fox Unit 01 of Black Cat Games Forum, who originally discovered this workaround. It also included useful tips and keybindings so you can edit it to your liking.

//foxBot.cfg – Sets up bot-adding/removing commands and also binds functions to keypad keys
//Type addbot_<name> to add the bots you’d like. removebot_<name> will remove a bot, removebots wil remove all bots
//Keypad 1-8 adds bots (in order of Sarge, Wildcat, etc. through Vegas) and also selects your marine if none is selected
//Keypad . (DEL) removes all bots
//To use, simply place this in your swarm\cfg folder and do “exec foxBot.cfg”

//Useful tips:
//– Should you switch to another marine, the bot will hold position and cover the angle you left them facing when you switched. Thus, to have a marine cover, say, a doorway, simply move him to a good position facing the door, and switch to another marine. (this is classic AS2k4 behavior)
//– Bots must be ordered manually to use equipment like medical satchels, turrets, etc. Get familiar with giving equipment orders and switching marines on-the-fly if you are going to use them effectively. The Offline Practice level is, actually, great practice for this.
//– It should be noted that bots DO use the Medical Gun automatically, but giving manual equipment orders is more reliable. I personally prefer the med satchel when commanding a bot medic.
//– Also, make sure bots have ammo for their weapons. If they run out of ammo, they will run around punching aliens, which gets them killed damned quick on Hard or Insane.

//– Bots seem to handle all the levels just fine, even including parts like the Deima bridge crossing (they hold fire formations well).
//– When a player leaves (or is kicked from) a lobby, his/her bots will leave as well.
//– Bots can be added by game joiners. However, new players can still join, and once the lobby fills up, all bots will be automatically kicked and none will be able to be added.
//– You do not gain any EXP from bot kills and bots simply share your level.

//Known MP bot bugs:
//– Bots sometimes do not leave correctly when new players join until the lobby fills up to 4 players, as mentioned above – if you don’t have a full lobby joining, use Keypad . (DEL) to remove them and make room (this is being looked into)
//– Anyone giving a “hold” or “go” order will order all bots, regardless of rather he/she “owns” them or not – however, equipment orders and marine switching work as intended
//– Attempting to change marines ends up changing one of your bots instead – just remove all bots and then add the marine bots you want via the keypad

//Keypad Shortcuts – Please change (or remove) these to fit your liking
bind “KP_END” “addbot_Sarge”
bind “KP_DOWNARROW” “addbot_Wildcat”
bind “KP_PGDN” “addbot_Faith”
bind “KP_LEFTARROW” “addbot_Crash”
bind “KP_5” “addbot_Jaeger”
bind “KP_RIGHTARROW” “addbot_Wolfe”
bind “KP_HOME” “addbot_Bastille”
bind “KP_UPARROW” “addbot_Vegas”
bind “KP_DEL” “removebots”

//Setup – Console Commands
alias “addbot” “echo Invalid bot! Usage: addbot_<name>; echo For example, addbot_Sarge will select Sarge.”
alias “addbot_Sarge” “cl_selectm 0 -1”
alias “addbot_Wildcat” “cl_selectm 1 -1”
alias “addbot_Faith” “cl_selectm 2 -1”
alias “addbot_Crash” “cl_selectm 3 -1”
alias “addbot_Jaeger” “cl_selectm 4 -1”
alias “addbot_Wolfe” “cl_selectm 5 -1”
alias “addbot_Bastille” “cl_selectm 6 -1”
alias “addbot_Vegas” “cl_selectm 7 -1”
alias “removebot” “echo Invalid bot! Usage: removebot_<name>; echo For example, removebot_Sarge will remove Sarge.; echo Alternatively, use removebots to remove all bots.”
alias “removebot_Sarge” “cl_dselectm 0”
alias “removebot_Wildcat” “cl_dselectm 1”
alias “removebot_Faith” “cl_dselectm 2”
alias “removebot_Crash” “cl_dselectm 3”
alias “removebot_Jaeger” “cl_dselectm 4”
alias “removebot_Wolfe” “cl_dselectm 5”
alias “removebot_Bastille” “cl_dselectm 6”
alias “removebot_Vegas” “cl_dselectm 7”
alias “removebots” “cl_dselectm 0; cl_dselectm 1; cl_dselectm 2; cl_dselectm 3; cl_dselectm 4; cl_dselectm 5; cl_dselectm 6; cl_dselectm 7”

//Setup – Console Readout
echo “Bot Config v1.1 Loaded”
echo “Please be courteous about adding bots into public games!”
echo “To add bots, type ‘addbot_<name>’ into console”
echo “To remove bots, type ‘removebot_<name>’ into console”
echo “To remove all bots, type ‘removebots’ into console”
echo “These commands will ONLY work from the lobby screen!”
echo “Keypad shortcuts:”
echo “Keypad 1 – Sarge”
echo “Keypad 2 – Wildcat”
echo “Keypad 3 – Faith”
echo “Keypad 4 – Crash”
echo “Keypad 5 – Jaeger”
echo “Keypad 6 – Wolfe”
echo “Keypad 7 – Bastille”
echo “Keypad 8 – Vegas”
echo “Keypad . – Remove all bots”
echo “Please see foxBot.cfg for more info or to re-bind key shortcuts.”
echo “Thanks and have fun! ~fox”


1. Will bots give you XP boast ?

2. Whats the level of the bots?
They share whatever MP level you are on.

3. Bots can join public games?
Yes, they can. However new players can still join and bots will be automatically kicked when lobby fills up. When a player leaves, his/her bots will also leave the server.

General Issues
Anyone giving hold or go order will position all the bots to that. It doesn’t matter whether you own the bots.
Bots sometimes don’t leave when new players join. When that happens you can use the cl_dselectm command to remove bots if you don’t have full lobby joining.