25 Relatively Unknown Social Communities for Gamers to Hang Out!

Gaming has been socialized on a large scale and players from around the globe now can interact with each other easily as cheaper and faster connectivity has been introduced with the progression of time.There are tons of social gaming communities out there today where gamers from all over the world come and share everything they have got with others including videos,pictures, cheats and walkthroughs.
I have compiled a list containing online gaming social networks today that are relatively unknown as of now. If you are a passionate gamer then all these communities will be of a great interest as gaming without social interaction is flavorless.

With 1,044,822 and more users, Gametracker is one of the most popular gaming communities on the web today.Their stat tracing system is what makes them special.Hundreds of servers’ IP’s of different games are found in their database. Real time stats are updated daily and displayed in players profiles. An active forum, downloadable content and several other features makes it a unique social platform for gamers.

Vigster is a community where gamers have a lot to do. Share your videos, gaming screenshots, have your feedback and read the reviews of all the latest games.Forums and blog posting is also there to keep you interacted with all other gamers.You can also take different quizzes to test your gaming knowledge.
You can  build virtual game shelves to express yourself and show your game collections.You can also buy your favorite games through this community. There is plenty to do in Vigster and you won’t be bored soon.

They claim,”If you love games,you will love Raptr” and they say it right as this gaming community is the mixture Facebook,Twitter and Steam.It’s addictive like any of the above mentioned communities.All your gaming activity is automatically updated on your profile so that your friends know what game is being played by you as in xFire.

Moby Games
It’s a social community primarily designed for all the gaming gossip out there. Video Game reviews, news and updates are core to this community.There is an active forum with daily polls and games are ranked regularly on the basis of their popularity and quality.

iGame 2
This is another gaming community which basically covers all the news and updates of the gaming industry.You can comment and gossip about gaming at iGame.You can often find some interesting articles on their home page which is the key feature of this social platform for gamers.

It’s a social platform with some sparkling view and multiple options.Discover anything about any game on any console.Share your views with the other members and many more is offered by them. Register with them and you will see that your time did not go begging.

Gaint Bomb
Whatever gaming platform you like,Giant Bomb has got several things to explore. News,reviews,features and videos of all the latest games are the reasons you should join this platform.They also have an active forum for any gaming discussion.

Gamer Vision
This social platform promotes user created video games with all other basic features of a gaming community i.e blogs,forums,news,updates and reviews etc.All gaming platforms are discussed here equally.

A social community made by gamers for gamers.Profile system is detailed as you can post all your gaming stats in it and it is highly customizable.You will be receiving emails on every update of your buddies and the ones you follow on the community. They have got all the ingredients to be a successful gaming community.

It’s a community designed by EA. At first,the community may look boring and dull but the key feature of this platform is the real time tracking of the games you play.All the stats are recorded and published on your profile page. You and your friends can see what game you have been playing recently.

Keep up with your friends and share everything you have got from pictures to blog posts with them.Games are reviewed and rated on regular basis with all the latest news and updates.

If you are a virtual world game fan then this community has a lot for you.You can play different virtual world games and share your views about them.Players can upload their own games and add-Ons to share them with others.

It’s a social community that binds gamers together around the globe.News,views,updates,Live feeds are its core features.It’s more or less like Facebook without applications/games.You can find good players for your team and ask them to join your ranks.

Have been looking for some mobile games social interaction?If yes then Playyoo is the the platform you should join as tons of mobile games are there to be shared.All of them are free and you can also share your personal created mobile games with other users.

As the name indicates,it’s a question answer portal for games.You can ask about any game on any platform and your question will be answered by other users and experts.Outlook is more or less like twitter. If you need any advice or suggestion,this portal can provide you the best solution.

If you like to play flash games online (browser based) then Doof is the community you may like as you can find many interesting browser based games here to play with your friends.They have wide range of game categories so you won’t get boring that easily.

It’s another community made for mobile game sharing.Like the above community,you can play and download the mobile games and also share your games with others without any cost.

If you want to show that you are a pro gamer then GamerBio offers you a detailed profile system where you can portray your trademarks and aces to the whole community.

The name explains everything.Yes,a gaming community specially built for females.Female gamers can interact with each other and share everything related to gaming.Web design looks descent and the community has got all the basic features for being a nice community.

It’s a social network basically designed on the concept of social news websites like “Digg” etc.You can share any information about games just by using “Glink it” button like “Digg it” in “Digg”.You can also tag gamers using the tagging option.

This community is all about pawning others in social arena.Earn more and more Pwned points by interacting with others and posting on blogs and  you can redeem those points with some valuable products like consoles and iPods.

Come2Play is a socially optimized platform where many flashed based and browser based games.You can also download these games free of cost.There are various game genre to choose from and many of them have got descent graphics although are flash based.

Here you can play different games, share your views with others and compete with other community members. Radio listening is a unique feature introduced by them.There is also an option for live chat so that you can chat with you buddies instantaneously.

Social Gaming Network is a social platform for sharing everything about  iPhone games.Many games are free to download and users are allowed to upload the games made by them.Owners of iPhone must join this community.

Those who take online arcade gaming as fun should have a look at this community as this community offers a lot of free online arcade games.You can compete with your friends and also play their special tourneys and win some cash.

Purpose of all these communities is common:”Uniting Gamers”. So to me,none of them is useless. Some are similar while others are quite unique.Do have your say about all these mentioned massive social gaming platforms or if we have missed any under the radar social network, don’t forget to suggest it in comments.