17 Black Ops 4 Multiplayer Maps at Launch, All Names Leaked

17 Call of Duty Black Ops 4 multiplayer maps are going to be available at release. Names of the maps are leaked, showing classic fan favorites including Nuketown 4.

Call of Duty Black Ops 4 is getting a full reveal in just a few days at E3 2018. Sony will take to stage to reveal pretty much everything there is to know about the game; including the multiplayer modes and maps. However, as expected, the leaks are flying left and right and according to the latest report, Black Ops 4 will release with 17 maps later this year.

The news comes from an Austrian YouTuber who have shared correct information in the past. The person has shared a list of maps that are going to be available in Black Ops 4. There are a total of 17 maps in the game at release but more are expected to be added post-launch.

Call of Duty Black Ops 4 Maps

  • Blockage – Cruise Ship
  • Boundary – College Campus
  • Bridgehead – NYC
  • Dustoff – Standoff Remake
  • Escalade – Castle/Ruins
  • Contraband – Island in the Caribbean
  • MP_Airport
  • MP_Crossing
  • MP_Defilade
  • MP_Japan
  • MP_Garrison
  • MP_Nuketown4
  • MP_Rockies
  • Payload – Snowy Military Installation
  • Raided – Raid Remake
  • Rooftops – Firing Range Remake
  • Seaside – City on the Coast

It goes without saying that this Black Ops 4 multiplayer maps list isn’t official by any means. Until we get confirmation, it is best we do not take every information at face value. But one thing is for sure, Treyarch is adding a lot of content this year.

It seems Treyarch wishes to make up for the lack of a story mode in Black Ops 4. They are adding a plethora of content this year to the multiplayer mode and we are hearing that there is no season pass this time around.

Black Ops 4 is releasing on PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC on October 12. The game is up for pre-order as we speak. Pre-order the game to get access to the private beta.

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