10 Mass Effect Andromeda’s Glitches That are Impossible to Ignore

These are 10 Mass Effect Andromeda's glitches, that you can not ignore, these glitches still remain after many updates and patches released by Bioware.

Mass Effect Andromeda’s glitches have been a major issue, ever since its release BioWare has been active to make updates and patches to fix all of its glitches but some of them still show up, the glitches are sometimes quite a headache, and other times quite hilarious.

Let us talk about 10 glitches that are impossible to ignore.

1: The walking animation

Although it has some what been fixed, but this glitch can still be seen sometimes, for example when you run around too fast, you can still see the animations getting a bit wicked.
Mass Effect Andromeda's glitches

2: Npc walking through objects

Well we know all of the npcs have some kind of routine that they follow to give the game a much realistic look, well sometimes when you are standing in the way of an npc, they are going to pass right through you, like a ghost, and that is not all if you approach a npc from behind to talk, in order to turn to you they might even pass through objects, now that is how you break immersion.
Mass Effect Andromeda's glitches

3: Breaking cutscenes

When talking in a cutscene during a mission, enemies start attacking you, and the worst part is that you cannot even defend yourself, because you are stuck in the cutscene, and the npc has to finish talking, getting lectured to death gets a whole new meaning here.
Mass Effect Andromeda's Glitches

4: Weird lighting glitch

While walking around in the open, you see some dark spots and mistake them for shadows, just to find out, when you walk closer they are quite well lighted places, well this is one of the oldest and most prevalent “lighting” glitch, you can see these glitches in almost every game, and Mass Effect Andromeda also is no exception.
Mass Effect Andromeda's glitches
Mass Effect Andromeda's glitches

5: Npc blocking your way

When they are not passing through you, they are standing in you way blocking your path, and the worst part is when you push them aside they run around and come back to the same spot blocking your way again, this is what i personally call the boomerang effect.
Mass Effect Andromeda's Glitches

6: Falling through the floor

Another one of the most famous Mass Effect Andromeda’s glitches, and the one that haunts the modern gaming till today, is falling through the floor, Mass Effect Andromeda has a lot of these bugs, this glitch is triggered when you jump over rocks, objects, and enter a room before it loads completely.
Mass Effect Andromeda's glitches

7: Double npc spawns

Sometimes while talking to an npc another one appears, and starts repeating the same motions and dialogues, players often face this glitch while talking to Drack, they call it the double Drack glitch.
Mass Effect Andromeda's Glitches

8: Animation getting stuck

This glitch, is something that every player must have faced at least once, during their gameplay, the Ryder gets stuck in a pose and just slides around doing nothing, until it gets killed.
Mass Effect Andromeda's glitches

9: Getting thrown out of Nomad

Well npcs are not the only one that can cause a glitch apparently, Nomad the vehicle we use to explore the lands, can just throw us out, when it wants, imagine getting stuck far away from your objective.
Mass Effect Andromeda's glitches

10: Typing on table

Well next time you see an npc typing make sure to look, what are they typing on, a glitch causes npc to start typing without a keyboard or any other form of devices, it might be the future but they are not that advanced.
Mass Effect Andromeda's glitches

Mass Effect Andromeda’s glitches are a very big problem, and the game has been criticized quite a lot because of them, these glitches still prevail even after many updates, but because the game is new so BioWare is releasing updates almost every week to fix all of these.

Let us hope the game gets fixed completely, and we get to experience Mass Effect Andromeda, the way it was truly supposed to be.

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