For Honor Multiplayer Is Playable With Bots

By   /   Aug 9, 2016
For Honor Multiplayer

If you’re one of those people in console gaming who doesn’t like to listen to people screaming or swearing over your microphone as you play multiplayer, you don’t have to worry about that with For Honor multiplayer. The game’s multiplayer system will allow you to play “online” by yourself, with only bots to deal with, making it perfect for practice.

With these in mind, Ubisoft Montreal at least intends to make For Honor as accessible as possible to people when it releases on Valentine’s Day. Very few games nowadays include bots in their multiplayer, forcing many people to play online with other players that are likely beyond their skill level.

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If you ever get tired of multiplayer as well, you can take a break from it and just grind on bots.

This makes the second form of gameplay that players can use in For Honor. In addition to For Honor’s multiplayer, the game will also include a story mode and the offline multiplayer that will allow bots.

Considering For Honor’s relatively unique combat system, the Art of Battle, going through both the singleplayer campaign of the game and then practicing some in the offline multiplayer against the bots can also help you prepare for the game’s actual multiplayer.

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The existence of multiplayer with bots has been confirmed since a few weeks ago, when a Ubisoft representative paid a visit to the For Honor subreddit and confirmed the existence of bots.

The existence of bots in the For Honor multiplayer will also help to make up for any dropped players or parties with vacant spots, to prevent players from being outnumbered. You will, however, likely still have to make up for it if the bots aren’t very good.

If the For Honor multiplayer’s bots really want to be made a challenge, though, hopefully they’ll have an adjustable difficulty setting, or will have good enough AI that they can be a challenge to fight.