Phil Spencer Confirmed Blue Dragon for Xbox One Backward Compatibility

By   /   Aug 5, 2016
Microsoft Phil Spencer Xbox One backward compatibility

Phil Spencer has confirmed Blue Dragon for Xbox One Backward Compatibility. The head of Xbox replied to a fan on Twitter and confirmed the news.

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Blue Dragon is a popular Xbox 360 that released almost a decade ago. Spencer didn’t mention when Blue Dragon will be available for Xbox One Backward Compatibility.

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Microsoft will keep adding more games to Xbox One backward compatibility. In fact, the company will have plenty of news for us this fall. Spencer recently said that Microsoft has something planned for this year. Microsoft could be planning to host its own event similar to Sony’s PlayStation Experience.

It seems the trend of attending third party events is slowly dying. Companies now prefer hosting their own event and speaking directly to their own fan base. Sony is also skipping this year’s Gamescom so we’ll be seeing Sony at PlayStation Experience in December.