Street Fighter 5 Rashid Guide – How to Play, Combos, Tips to Play Against and Counter

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Street Fighter V Rashid #12

In addition to F.A.N.G., Laura, and Necalli; Rashid is one of 4 new playable characters in Street Fighter V. Rashid is the first Middle Eastern fighter in the main game series and second if we count the EX series.

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Street Fighter 5 Rashid Guide

This guide details tips on playing as and against Rashid along with some basic combos and juggles listed to help you out!

How to Play as Rashid

When playing as characters that have low mobility and slow dashes such as Zangief, you should feel free to spam your Eagle Spikes as they will not be able to get back at you with hard-hitting combos or even a proper punish.

Aside from this, successful Rashid players never go in blindly. You need to remain focused on frustrating your opponent using HK or EX Whirlwind Shot which can be cancelled into Front Flip as well as wall jumps.

Mixing these attacks will frustrate your opponent and force him or her to make bad decisions; always resulting in your favor.

Rashid’s V-Trigger is probably one of the strongest in the game which is why you need to capitalize on it as much as you can. You cannot only use it in order to extend combos, but also in neutral game.

It can be used in order to frame trap opponents; for instance, knockdown an opponent and force him or her to block Ysaar followed by going in with different up/down/left/right mix-ups and combinations.

How to Play against Rashid

While playing against Rashid, do bear in mind that all of his Eagle Spike versions are punishable by dashing in and going with a LP/MP starter combo.

When it comes to his Whirlwind Shot, you need to understand that it is more of an anti-air attack than a regular projectile which is why you need to avoid jumping over it unless you are 100 per cent positive that you can without getting hit.

While he does not have many hard-hitting combos, his frame traps and mix-ups can be really annoying and frustrating. Beware if you see MP/M Spinning Mixer combo-ender and change your quick recovery to leave him guessing.

You should also prepare to deal with his crouching MK cancelled into LP Spinning Mixer. Whenever you see this, you need to hit him with a regular jab or a 5 frame MP if you have access to it.

It is worth noting that the LP Spinning Mixer leaves him at -2 frames so there are not many options at your disposal.


Combo #1
Cr. + LK, LP, XX, QCF + LP, XX…


  • QCF-QCF + Punch
  • LP, XX, LP, XX, LP

Combo #2
Cr. + MK, XX…


  • QCB + LK
  • QCF + LP and Optional Follow-Ups

Combo #3
MP, f, Cr. + MK, XX…


  • QCB + LK
  • LP, XX, LP, XX, LP

Combo #4
MP, f, MP, XX…


  • QCB + EX Kick, QCF + HP, XX and Optional Follow-Ups
  • QCB + MK
  • QCF + LP, XX, LP, XX, LP

Combo #5
Cr. + HP, f, MP, XX…


  • QCB + EX Kick, QCF + HP with Optional Follow-Ups
  • QCB + EX Kick, QCF + MP with Optional Follow-Ups
  • QCB + MK

Combo #6
Cr. + HP, f, Cr. + MK, XX…


  • QCB + LK
  • QCF + LP with Optional Follow-Ups

Combo #7
HP, XX, HP + HK…


  • QCF-QCF + Punch
  • QCB + EX Kick, QCF + MP with Optional Follow-Ups
  • MP + MK, XX, QCB + Kick

Combo #8


  • QCB + EX Kick, QCF + HP
  • QCB + HK

Do not forget to share your own tips and strategies with us in the comments section below!

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