Street Fighter 5 Mika Guide – How to Play, Combos, Tips to Play Against and Counter

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Rainbow Mika or commonly referred to as R. Mika is a professional wrestler that first appeared in Street Fighter Alpha 3 and is one of the playable characters in Street Fighter V.

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Street Fighter 5 Mika Guide

This guide details tips on playing as and against Rainbow Mika along with some basic combos and juggles listed to help you out!

How to Play as Mika

The key to understanding R. Mika and playing her effectively lies in her resets and mix-ups. Playing as her, you will easily be able to crouch MP jumping opponent followed by putting him or her into throw range.

The same thing holds true for any Passion Rope Throw. At corners, your opponent will simply bounce off the wall. However, at mid-range, you will need to backdash followed by a quick crouching HP after Passion Rope Throw for a reset opportunity.

While playing as R. Mika, you need to learn to read your opponent’s defensive approaches and reactions. Ideally, you always need to target a grounded or jumping stance and guard invincible reversals!

As much as you can; try to corner your opponent and execute a couple of resets which will not only leave your opponent guessing about your next attack, but will get you the round most of the times.

How to Play against Mika

First thing that you need to understand is that R. Mika does not have any decent low(s) except LK which can be cancelled into LP Shooting Peach and HK which is highly punishable!

Therefore, there is no need to worry about high/low mix-ups when you are going against R. Mika. You can simply hold back and will automatically whiff her low attacks.

Even with all this, R. Mika can be really frustrating at close-range with her 3 frame punches and 5 frames grabs. When it comes to jump, Ryu’s or Ken’s Shoryuken seem to work really well even if she delays falling using Dive Bomb.

However, with other characters, she can force you to whiff your anti-air and come up with strong punishes. Lastly, it is also very important to learn about her Nadeshiko animation during her full V-Gauge.

If you see her drop her arms immediately after the animation, it means that Nadeshiko will follow immediately and if you see her arms up in the air, it means that the Nadeshiko will appear after a couple of seconds.

Knowing this timing can prepare you to move away or prepare your defenses.


Combo #1
LK, f, LP, XX…


  • QCF + LP
  • QCF + EX Punch
  • QCB-QCB + Punch
  • Combo #2
    LP, f, LP, XX…


  • QCF + LP
  • QCF + EX Punch
  • QCB-QCB + Punch

Combo #3


  • QCF + MP
  • QCF + EX Punch
  • QCB-QCB + Punch

Combo #4
MP, f, HP, XX…


  • QCF + HP
  • QCF + EX Punch
  • QCB-QCB + Punch

Combo #5
MP, f, MP, XX…


  • QCF + HP
  • QCF + EX Punch
  • QCB-QCB + Punch

Combo #6
Hold HK, XX…


  • LK, XX, MP, XX, QCF + EX Punch
  • LK, XX, MP, XX, QCF + MP
  • LK, XX, MP, XX, QCB-QCB + Punch

Do not forget to share your own tips and strategies with us in the comments section below!

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