Mass Effect Andromeda Writer Will Work on Destiny 2 Storyline

By   /   Feb 16, 2016
mass effect andromeda release date

Mass Effect Andromeda writer Chris Schlerf has left Bioware to pursue other interests; and by other interests we mean Destiny.

We already know that Destiny 2 is in development and it looks like Chris Schlerf will be playing a role in improving the game’s storyline.

The first game featured a lackluster story, in fact, a story was pretty much non-existent. For the second game Bungie needs to up its game a little and Schlerf can surely help with that.

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Schlerf has plenty of experience of working on Sci-Fi games. Before moving to Bioware to work on Mass Effect, he was a part of Halo 4’s development team at 343 Industries.

Destiny 2 is scheduled to arrive in 2017 but before that Bungie is planning to release a major expansion sometime later this year.

Interestingly, Chris isn’t the only one who left Bioware and Mass Effect team in recent times. David Gaider, another significant member Bioware, left the studio in January.