Black Ops 3 Scorestreaks Guide – Tips, Best Scorestreaks For Game Modes

By   /   Nov 8, 2015
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Scorestreaks are powerful support weapons in Call of Duty: Black Ops 3 that can be called into battle to aid allies.

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Black Ops 3 Scorestreaks Tips

There are a huge number of scorestreaks in Black Ops 3 – some of them offer pure offensive power, while others give great utility and support.

HC-XD (400 points)
The Hover-Capable Explosive Device is a reliable remote controlled scorestreak that returns to Black Ops 3 with a few new tricks. It can now hover on walls, and can also be boosted, double-jumped, and wall-hovered to your foes.

Detonate the HC-XD near enemies to get plenty of kills at chokepoints and objectives.

UAV (425 points)
The basic and well-known scorestreak, UAV provides radar sweeps of the map to reveal enemies on the minimap. This simple yet extremely effective scorestreak is one of the most fundamental, and ideal to use in larger maps where enemies are difficult to come across.

Multiple UAVs can be activated at the same time by a team, which increases the speed of the sweeps. A good way to counter the UAV streak is the Ghost perk, which renders them undetectable.

Also, UAVs orbit around the edge of the map and can be shot down by launchers for the first few seconds they are present.

Care Package (550 points)
This is a simple yet effective scorestreak that calls in a support aircraft to drop a package on the map at a location of your choice. It will contain a random scorestreak in it. This is generally weighted towards cheaper streaks, but if you’re lucky, you can score a high streak without having to spend so much.

Care Package is quite useful if you’re finding it hard to achieve high streaks without dying. Use the Ante Up perk with this to increase your chances of acquiring a higher streak.

Overall, the Care Package isn’t the ideal scorestreak of choice due to its slow deployment rate and prone to being stolen or booby trapped by enemies.

Counter-UAV (575 points)
The counter-UAV is a powerful scorestreak that completely shuts down enemy minimap-coverage. While this might not sound like much on paper, the Counter-UAV is one of the most effective low-score scorestreaks in the game.

Keep in mind though that the Hard Wired perk ignores this effective, so don’t let your guard down even after deploying this streak. For this reason, it can be difficult to gauge the effect of the Counter-UAV, because it’s impossible to know how many players are using Hard Wired.

The perk is very popular and easily one of the best defensive ones in the game.

Dart (600 points)
The Dart is an anti-personnel drone that is equipped with missiles capable of locking onto enemies and Scorestreaks. The drone is equipped with three lock-on missiles, and you can launch strikes on either enemy scorestreaks or on players.

Hitting players with the Dart’s missiles can be quite difficult, as controlling the drone takes quite a bit of practice. Also, locking on often requires a clear path for the missile, and given the uneven terrain and buildings in Black Ops 3 maps, it can be hard to find one.

Once the three missiles have been fired, you can use the Dart drone as an explosive bomb by ramming it into the ground or towards enemies. It has a decent explosion that can kill multiple enemies.

Guardian (650 points)
The Guardian is a fairly simple yet pretty effective device. It is a placeable dish that projects a cone of radiation that can stun and damage enemies.

It’s an excellent denial of area scorestreak, and especially useful in defending objectives, especially effective in interiors or narrow checkpoints. Having said that, the Guardian’s radiation isn’t very strong, so it’s possible for enemies to move through its edges.

Hellstorm (700 points)
The Hellstorm is a remote controlled missile with a cluster bomb payload. This is the first of the truly heavy-duty offensive streaks. The control of the missile allows you to release the multiple seeking bomb-drones when you pull the trigger.

It’s also possible to boost the Hellstorm’s descent into an area. It’s also possible to steer the missile if you want to a specific target if you’re looking for high-precision damage.

The Hellstorm tends to work best in open areas, especially exposed objectives as it can be extremely effective in acting as artillery fire for your team. However, enclosed areas are nearly impossible to hit with this, so the powerful missile does have its limitations.

Lightning Strike (750 points)
The Lightning Strike allows you to pick three locations on your minimap for a powerful set of lightning strike impacts on the locations in rapid succession. The Lightning Strike is an excellent offensive scorestreak that combines brilliantly with an active UAV or HATR.

Unlike the Hellstorm, Lightning Strike is more precision based bombardment, and has the benefit of allowing you to move and fight after calling in the strike.

Hardened Sentry (850 points)
Friendlies love them, enemies despise them. Automated sentries are an absolute many in most games, and Black Ops 3 is no exception. The Hardened Sentry has a mounted Gatling gun that fires at a rapid rate.

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