Dragon Age Inquisition Warrior Class Builds Guide

By   /   Nov 25, 2014

The Warrior class in Dragon Age Inquisition gives players the option of becoming rock solid defenders, ever-present guardians, or rage-infested destroyers.

The options available through a total of 5 possible skill trees (4 default and 1 specialization) gives on a lot of options.

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Dragon Age Inquisition Warrior Class Builds

It’s hard to go wrong when building your character, but that doesn’t mean how you develop your party member won’t affect the ease and outcome of the battle.

For this reason, a good build for each member of your party is extremely important to have synergy, both individually and overall.

This guide will go across 5 different builds for the Warrior class – one for each specialization, and two that focus on the four basic skill trees. We’ll be using level 18 as standard for all the builds.

Note: Skills with the “+” sign indicate that their upgrades have also been invested in.

Warrior Class Build #1 – Berserker

Equipment: Two-Handed Sword


  • Mighty Blow
  • Shield Breaker
  • Whirlwind +
  • Block and Slash
  • Flow of Battle
  • Pommel Strike
  • Guard-Smasher

Battle Master

  • Grappling Chain
  • Crippling Blows


  • War Cry
  • Charging Bull


  • Ring of Pain
  • Blood Frenzy
  • Rampage
  • Fervor
  • Scenting Blood
  • Devour+
  • Dragon-Rage

The Reaver specialization unlocks some of the most offensively devastating skills for the Warrior. This build focuses on this specialization, utilizing all its major abilities and circling around it.

If you’re planning on specializing in Reaver, then there is absolutely no reason to take anything from Weapon and Shield – Reaver abilities are function are generally best performed with massive weapons, preferably Greatswords.

The Reaver has three core abilities: Ring of Pain, Devour, and Dragon Rage.

Ring of Pain is the first and foremost, and is a toggle skill that greatly amplifies the damage of your normal attacks, and massively enhances Devour and Dragon Rage.

You can initiate with Charging Bull, then perform a powerful Mighty Blow, followed by Ring of Pain, Whirlwind, then finishing off enemies with Devour and Dragon Rage.

This will allow you to play with the signature high-risk, high reward style of the Berserker, and with a proper tank by your side should give you enough breathing space to sustain the aggression.

That’s not where things end for you though; the core Focus ability for the Reaver is Rampage.

Though you’ll use it very rarely, it is probably one of the most offensively brutal abilities in the game. The Reaver goes into a Frenzy mode with it, and you could life-steal for every hit.

Since there aren’t many healing abilities in this game, this is one thing you should really look towards only when you are low on health, when your enemy is extremely powerful, and when you feel you have a chance to finish things off before they get out of hand.

Warrior Class Build #2 – The Wall

Equipment: Sword and Shield

Weapon and Shield

  • Payback Strike
  • Warrior’s Resolve
  • Great Lunge
  • Shield Bash
  • Bear Mauls the Wolves


  • War Cry+
  • Untouchable Defense
  • Charging Bull
  • Cutting Words


  • Lie in the Stand
  • Resilience
  • Bulwark
  • Counterstrike
  • Adamant
  • Unyielding
  • To the Death
  • Siege-Breaker+

Do you want to build a pure tank? Look no further than the hardcore specialization that comes in the form of the Champion.

You’d expect this specialization to have some offensive abilities as well, but the Champion tree is the definition of defending and tanking.

This build is purely made for those purposes, primarily utilizing the passives of Weapon & Shield and Champion to put a wall in front of the rest of the allies.

Use this with the highest set of armor and you’ll almost never fall.

Your main actives will also come from those two trees, though for initiation and pure aggro you will use Charging Bull and War Cry.

War Cry is a basic yet highly useful build, and when used with a duel-dagger Rogue and a more aggressive Warrior alongside this build, it can give your team the necessary solidity and defensive structure to fight even the toughest foes on higher difficulties.

Although you might not play with such a build yourself, you might want to try this out with Blackwall, who can make an excellent defender through such a setup.

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