Borderlands: The Pre-Sequel Side Missions Guide – Side Quest Student, Moon Mission Meister

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Side missions in Borderlands: The Pre–Sequel requires you to explore Elpis, meet people, and may be even kill some of them. During the process, you will earn money, XP, and new gear.

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Borderlands: The Pre-Sequel Side Missions

It’s a good idea to complete a couple of optional missions if your gear is causing difficulty in completing certain story missions. One important thing: money and XP awarded for completing an optional mission depends upon player level.

All the Little Creatures
How to Unlock: Complete Systems Jammed
Level: 9

Check Cybil’s message and head over to the Moon Zoomy station to grab a buggy. Travel west and head over to Vertigo Bridge towards north.

From this point, get to Triton Flats to and exit the area into Stanton’s Liver using jump pad. At this point, Cybil will once again ping you to brief you about Dahl Refinery Complex and creatures called ‘cuties’.

Use your sniper rifle to pick off Scavs from a distance and clear the area before going towards pumping station towards south. At this point, Cybil will ask you to save ‘cuties’ so equip yourself with a gun with fire–damage and shotgun and take the door on the far side to get inside The Duct.

While you’re inside The Duct, kick start the Air Dome Generator and start taking out Torks. It’s recommended to take out smaller Torks first and then move to larger ones.

Once you’re done with Torks, you need to turn off the toxic flow. In order to close the pipe, you need to turn off five switches. Toggle the middle switch first followed by toggling the switch on the right side.

An Urgent Message
How to Unlock: Complete Home Sweet Home
Level: 18

Travel to Hyperion Hub of Heroism and keep on heading south towards the Hall of Helios. Clear out the area and open Harren Lockup door. Once inside, take off all enemies in the area and grab loot from all Treasure Chests lying in the area.

After grabbing the loot, use the terminal right next to C7–3F543 cell and ping Professor Nakayama. After talking to Professor Nakayama, go up and shoot the glowing terminal.

After this, you will have to protect Professor Nakayama and send the message to Jack to complete this mission.

Another Pickle
How to Unlock: Complete Treasures of ECHO Madre
Level: 15

Travel to Triton Flats and keep on following the area to come across a Scavenger’s ECHO near a buggy. After that, travel to Lunar Station and interrogate a guy named Abbot.

After getting the channel number and frequency, travel across the Vertigo Bridge to find Abbot’s vehicle. After checking the dead woman’s ECHO, travel to Crisis Scar and clear the area near the Old Comms Facility.

While in the Old Comms Facility, kick start the Air Dome Generator and head inside the Power Substation Courtyard to meet up with Eliza. At this point, you will have to take out three waves of enemies.

During the third wave, Eliza will have her jet operational and will provide support. Clearing the area of all enemies will complete the mission.

Boarding Party
How to Unlock: Complete Home Sweet Home
Level: 18

Travel to the World of Shopping area and search for the first ECHO log near a garbage bin behind red security field. From this point, travel to the Helios Immigration Station and shoot a monitor hanging above.

After that, travel to the Hall of Helios [robotics area] and simply open up the glowing Loot Chest to find the third ECHO log. In order to get the last ECHO log, travel to the southwest side of the Hall of Helios and clear the area of all enemies.

After taking out all enemies, jump on a ledge located near the left side of the waterfall and enter the room to find the last ECHO log.

How to Unlock: Complete a New Direction
Level: 12

For this mission, you need to travel to the Research Facility where you will come across a basketball lying near a basketball loop. Two Lunatics will also appear in the area at the same time.

Take out the Lunatics and take the basketball back to Dunks to complete this mission.

Bunch of Ice Holes
How to Unlock: Complete a New Direction
Level: 11

To complete this mission, you need to travel to Triton Flats and keep on travelling to the south side to get to Chunder’s Hole. From Chunder’s Hole, you need to travel to Frozen Gulch.

Go down, kick start the Air Dome Generator, and place the Ice Drill. Soon after placing the Ice Drill, you will have to face Freezing Rathyds and Shugguraths.

It’s recommended that you use incendiary/explosive ammo to take them out. Once the Ice Drill stops grab the Ice Chunk and Ice Drill and travel to the next location. Repeat the same process in 4 locations to complete this mission.

Cleanliness Uprising
How to Unlock: Complete Science and Violence
Level: 18

To complete this mission, travel to the entrance of Jack’s Office and turn over a waste bin to call forth a cleaning robot and grab it. Next, get to the waterfall area and shoot a glowing water pipe to grab another cleaning robot.

From this point, travel to the Inner Hull Transportation area and go through Tram #5 Doorway and clear the area of Lost Legion security guards.

After taking out all the enemies, shoot the oil barrels and grab the last cleaning robot to complete the mission.

Don’t get Cocky
How to Unlock: Complete Trouble with Space Hurps
Level: 23

You need to travel to the Veins of Helios and head over to the Inner Hull. From this area, climb up the rooftop located in the northwest corner of the map.

Once you’re on the rooftop, you need to grab the turret and pick off enemies until the container safely lands on the platform. This mission is shooting and nothing else!

Don’t shoot the Messenger
How to Unlock: Complete Eye to Eye and start The Beginning of the End
Level: 26

To complete this mission, you need to get to Elesser and teleport to Triton Flats. Hop in a vehicle from the Moon Zoomy station and head into The Pale.

Once you get the Air Dome Generator, kill all the Scavs in the area and speak with Hannah. After listening to the ECHO, head back to the Fast–Travelling Station and travel to Concordia.

Go inside the Moxxi’s Bar and speak with a girl named Brittania to complete the mission.

How to Unlock: Complete Trouble with Space Hurps
Level: 23

You need to travel to the Hyperion Hub of Heroism and exit the area into the Veins of Helios. Keep on going through the area until you come across a big circular shaft.

From this area, jump onto the jump pad and grab the Laser Drill near the container and get back onto the jump pad. Once you’ve the Laser Drill, jump down the circular shaft and get to the exterior area.

From this area, jump onto a jump pad to reach another jump pad on a small platform. Hop over the jump pad on the smaller platform followed by jumping onto the jump pad facing east.

After getting to the new area, grab the Cranial Interface and walk to the north–east side of the floor and jump on the spinning platform followed by a boosted jump to reach the rooftop.

Keep on using the jump pads to reach the Communications Platform and grab the Sensor Array. From this point, get to the Central Maintenance and create the robot.

Keep on following the area to get to your target. You can either let CL4P–L3K shoot the target or do it yourself – both options will complete the mission.

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