Hyrule Warriors Characters and Weapons Unlock, Combos and Combat Tips

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Warriors from the Legend of Zelda universe jump into the fray to defend the land of Hyrule against the impending doom. There are thirteen playable characters in the game in addition to other characters which are non-playable.

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Hyrule Warriors Characters and Weapons Unlock

In this guide, I’ll talk about all these characters, how to unlock them, how to unlock their weapons, and different attacks at their disposal.


How to Unlock: Link is unlocked by default

With a wide range of aerial and ground attacks, Link is going to be your starting warriors in the game. He is one of the most agile warriors in the game and has tons of weapons at his disposal.

Hylian Sword
This weapon comes with a shield and greatly increases Link’s agility and manoeuvrability. His aerial attacks are pretty devastating and you can press Y while in the air to initiate an aerial combo.

In addition to this, pressing X while in the air executes a drop down attack with severe damage. As soon as an attack takes your foe in the air, press Y thrice and finish off the combo with X.

  • Knight’s Sword: Default weapon
  • White Sword: From the sealed weapon in tenth scenario of Legend Mode
  • Magical Sword: From the C-2 scenario in Adventure Mode

Magic Rod
This weapon is one of the best long-ranged weapons in the game. While attacking with this weapon, the Magic Rod will transform into different weapons with varying ranges. The best strategy to use this weapon is by mashing Y and then pressing X thrice.

  • Fire Rod: From the sealed weapon in second scenario of Legend Mode
  • Prism Rod: From the E-7 scenario of Adventure Mode
  • Magical Rod: From the F-2 scenario of Adventure Mode

Great Fairy
This thing can be regarded as an individual character as she takes place of the Link in the battlefield. This is certainly an ideal weapon for clearing out hordes of enemies and capturing keeps. The best strategy to use this weapon is by pressing Y thrice and finishing with X.

  • Great Fountain Fairy: From the H-1 scenario of Adventure Mode
  • Great Forest Fairy: From the B-7 scenario of Adventure Mode
  • Great Sky Fairy: You must get an A-rank in B-1 scenario of Adventure Mode

This allows Link to carry heavy objects in the battlefield and throw them finish off hordes of enemies. To carry an object, approach it and press X followed by pressing X one more to throw the object.

  • Silver Gauntlet: From the E-9 scenario of Adventure Mode
  • Golden Gauntlets: You must get an A-rank in F-12 scenario of Adventure Mode
  • Power Gloves: You must get an A-rank in G-14 scenario of Adventure Mode

Master Sword
This weapon is somewhat identical to Hylian Sword. While Link is at full hearts, this weapon will do increased damage and have sword beams at the end of some attacks.

The combo which literally makes this weapon devastating is YYX. To unlock this weapon, you must complete eleventh scenario of Legend Mode.


How to Unlock: Complete the first scenario of Legend Mode to unlock her

If I were to summarize Impa’s strong points, I would go for agility, damage, and range. Having both fire-based and water-based elemental attacks at her disposal, you’ll find Impa useful in almost every scenario. Here’s a quick rundown of weapons and combos at Impa’s disposal:

Giant Blade
Don’t let the size of this weapon fool you! It not only deals considerable damage, have great range, but is also extremely fast. In addition to this, this weapon also contains water-based elemental damage which will damage enemies over time.

  • Giant’s Knife: This is unlocked by default
  • Biggoron’s Knife: Complete seventh scenario of Legend Mode
  • Biggoron’s Sword: You must get an A-rank in C-1 scenario of Adventure Mode

Naginata not only improves the agility of this character, but also contains quite high damage output. The special attack of this weapon is its strongest point: it traps enemies in a cage and slashes them.

Use this attack on hordes of enemies or Captains for the most effective results. In addition to this, this weapon also contains fire-type elemental damage.

  • Guardian Naginata: Complete G-9 scenario of Adventure Mode
  • Scorching Naginata: Complete G-11 scenario of Adventure Mode with A-rank
  • Sheikah Naginata: Complete D-15 scenario of Adventure Mode with A-rank


How to Unlock: Complete the third scenario of Legend Mode to unlock her

If there is someone who can give Link a run for his worthiness, it’s none other than Lana. This cheeky little sorceress contains powerful magic attacks and a number of weapons at her disposal.

Her damage output and range is certainly one of the best in the game. With her magic, she is able to summon different minions to do her bidding and even cause environmental attacks.

Book of Sorcery
This thing sure gives Lana amazing speed, attack power, damage, and insane special attack, but her combos are completely unmatchable. The first thing that you need to do is to purchase Kokiri Badge from the market to gain some additional attacks in her combos.

Lana creates magic walls to attack her enemies which create a massive blast – when Lana attacks them – that damages all nearby enemies. This is quite useful while clearing out keeps since the blast radius is very large.

YYYXX is one of her best combinations and using it on a boss will reveal its weak points.

  • Spirit’s Tome: This is unlocked by default
  • Sealing Tome: From a sealed weapon in sixth scenario of Legend Mode
  • Sorceress Tome: Complete the A-11 scenario of Adventure Mode with an A-rank

I’m not very fond of this weapon when it comes to damage output or other attributes, but this certainly has a nostalgic and fun appeal to it. It allows Lana to have increased mobility and summon Deku Scrubs to Deku Tree into the battlefield.

  • Deku Spear: From a sealed weapon in fourth scenario of Legend Mode
  • Kokiri Spear: Complete the F-7 scenario of Adventure Mode with an A-rank
  • Faron Spear: Complete H-12 scenario of Adventure Mode with an A-rank

The Summoning Gate
Once again, I wouldn’t recommend using this weapon in heated battles, but it’s exceedingly fun to use. With this weapon, Lana summons smaller versions of the game’s bosses that attack the foes. These bosses don’t have insane damage output, but it’s fun to see them fighting at your side.

  • Gate of Time: Complete C-16 scenario of Adventure Mode with an A-rank
  • Guardian’s Gate: Complete B-4 scenario of Adventure Mode with an A-rank
  • Gate of Souls: Complete A-16 scenario of Adventure Mode with an A-rank

Princess Zelda

How to Unlock: Complete the eleventh scenario of Legend Mode to unlock her

Princess Zelda is a fine woman, but don’t let her graceful looks fool you. She is one of the fiercest fighters in the game with her lengthy combos and light elemental attacks. In addition to this, she’s extremely agile and has increased manoeuvrability.

The best thing about this weapon is its ability to accumulate charges of light. You can store up to three charges of light at any time and each of these charges of light will extend your combo with one additional attack. To fill these charges, keep on executing normal combos or press X.

  • Polished Rapier: This is unlocked by default
  • Glittering Rapier: From the sealed weapon in eleventh scenario of Legend Mode
  • Gleaming Rapier: Complete the A-9 scenario of Adventure Mode with an A-rank

It allows Zelda to call upon the power of wind and lightning and cause havoc on the battlefield. With this weapon, you won’t enjoy the perks of increased speed and agility, but the damage will be devastating.

Press X with this weapon and a tornado shall appear near your location. Zelda will be able to control this tornado which will consume enemies and grow in its size.

  • Wind Waker: Complete E-12 scenario of Adventure Mode to unlock this weapon
  • Sacred Baton: Complete H-2 scenario of Adventure Mode with an A-rank
  • Glorious Baton: Complete A-2 scenario of Adventure Mode with an A-rank to unlock this weapon

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