Divinity: Original Sin Side Quests Guide

By   /   Jul 31, 2014

Divinity: Original Sin is a complicated RPG, with lots of NPCs and enigmatic areas that need to be explored and discovered. It’s never too linear in such classic turn-based RPGs, and one can easily get lost or stuck, particularly when indulged in extracurricular activities.

Divinity: Original Sin Side Quests

Side-quests in Divinity come in all kinds of shape and forms – some will be demanding, asking for long travels and a mixture of main quest achievements and individual specifications, while others will be simple and linear.

Many of the side-quests are even interlinked. This makes it a bit daunting to go for quests that will not entirely benefit to the progression of the story, though they do certainly add depth to it.

If you’re one who wishes to complete all the side-quests in the game, here’s a walkthrough guide for the optional quests in the game.


The Talking Statues
While on your way to Cyseal at the beginning of the game, you’ll come across a corpse with a journal. This journal will tell of how he was promised the ability to fly when encountering a set of statues, which turned out to be a lie.

For you to investigate this strange incident, you’ll need to first head to the city. Go north and you’ll find an entrance to the cave there, which is guarding by ten enemies.

Use your wizards wisely and take a few out, then head for the end of the area with them chasing. They will either give up midway if you are fast enough, or will chase you all the way and you can easily dispose of them.

Inside you’ll also encounter a specific robot. Keep note of how to tackle this foe, as he’ll appear in another sidequest. Once you’ve defeated the robot, head through the other exit-way and to the west. You’ll eventually reach the four statues.

You need to use the elemental spells of water, air, fire, and earth on the statues here. Each time you use one, an elemental demon of the same kind will appear.

It will be immune to spells of the same element, and weak to countering elements. Take them out one by one till all four are dead. This will open up a cave, inside which you can find an imprisoned wizard and end the side quest.

The Wishing Brother
In Cyseal, slightly to the southeast you’ll find a well that you can speak to. He’ll tell you his name is Wally, and his brother William has been entrapped somewhere in another icy world by the Winter King.

He knows how to get there, and he’ll immediately transport you to the location if you wish.

You’ll be in some blizzard-hit area with William the well right there. There are a couple of doors here to the south that cannot be unlocked, and one locked chest in the northwest corner that can be broken easily with a few hits.

Grab what you can from the chest and talk to William. He’ll tell you that in order to free him you need to find another way from the other end. Sadly, for now that’s all you can do at the moment, and you’ll have to head back for Cyseal.

Later on during the game you’ll acquire the “Find the Witch!” quest, where you will teleport to Hieberheim. Stick to the southern part of the map here till you encounter an area with falling icicles.

You need one of your party members to stand on a switch, while the rest of them go past. Once they are past the region, have that person standing on the switch teleport to you.

In this area you should find a few spikes that mark the entrance to the wintery region that you need to get to for completing this sidequest. Move forward and turn to the right during the fork till you spot a Guardian.

After taking care of it, head up and you’ll notice a lava trap, with three panels behind it. There is one hidden panel on the right that needs to be dug up and unveiled.

Use barrels and other weights to press these floor panels, then move up ahead to spot the doors you could not open earlier during the sidequest (except you are on the other side).

Check the bush on the left of the door to find a hidden lever, which you can pull to open the doors. Now you have full access to this area of the map.

However, you still can’t free William because you haven’t slayed the Winter King yet, and you need a special scroll to do so. Fortunately, the Winter King’s location is told in the quest.

Once you have defeated him, head past the barrier blocking your way by answering the statue’s riddle – the correct answer is “Lurrean”. Head forward and you’ll eventually read a corridor with statues and falling rocks.

This place is a deadly trap, and you’ll need a party member with good stealth and sneaking skills to get through (invisibility spell also works). Sneak past these statues and pull a chain on the wall at the end to deactivate the defense of the area.

Move ahead and you’ll find yourself in an area with lots of treasure. One of the items on the desk to the right is the “Well Teleportation Scroll.”

This is exactly what you need.

Grab it (and everything else you want) and head back to William’s location and use the scroll to transport him to Cyseal. Head back to Cyseal and talk to them to end this rather daunting side-quest.

The Quest of Braccus Rex/The Undead Scourge
This is a challenging quest that you should only play once you have reached close to level 9. You will need to complete the main quest A Myserious Murder in order to finish this sidequest.

After leaving the church, you can talk to the commander to obtain the quest about the mysterious undead plague.

You will also get the alternate quest for the resurrected Braccus Rex after slaying Evelyn during the first main quest – just make sure you take her amulet.

Once you have acquired the second quest, head to the church to find a few cultists. They’ll spot you, and the leader will head to the tombs below. Fight these easy foes off, and then proceed onwards.

You’ll need to find four paintings and press the buttons behind them to gain access to the lower levels. One of them is behind a locked gate – you can find the keys for it near the benches by the wall.

Once you have gained access, head to and go through the portal using Evelyn’s amulet that you acquired after slaying her.

After the scene, in the next passage you will find king Braccus Rex. This is one tough fight, mainly because Braccus will summon additional foes to fight by his side. He’ll summon the lighthouse guardian, the undead knight baron, and the twin elementals. Not good.

You will really need the best out of your elemental wizard for this fight, out of which Fire and Ice elementals are the most important. Head back to the door you came from, place your characters behind it, and summon the elementals to absorb the incoming damage from Rex and the double elementals.

Rex and the elementals won’t be able to get past the door, and only baron will come through. Attack immediately when he does, after which you should try and finish off the rest.

The guardian can actually be killed off quite easily by ranged spells, after which you can unleash ice spells on the twins from a distant to decimate them. Once done, only Braccus will be left.

Braccus has one deadly attack that can take out an entire party. Use any element other than Fire to attack him, and beware of his powerful spell. Whenever he gets close to you, use your water elements to teleport him back and take him out from a distance.

Once you’ve slayed him, return to the commander to receive your rewards.

A Source Hunter’s Journey
The Imp staying at the end of time will ask you to find a specific kind of stones, similar to the ones Evelyn had. Look through the telescope here, and the Imp will tell you how to gain access to the door in the main hall.

Once he’s done giving you the tour, talk to the woman standing next to the painting. Talk to the Imp afterwards and he’ll give you a portable portal.

The first stone is found during the Mysterious Murder main quest, when you come across a lady bathing in a tub. You’ll find it in Evelyn’s clinic or at the crime scene. This stone will unlock the Halls of Heroes.

Return to the city and use the pyramid to find the second stone. This one is found with the undead captain during the Crab vs. Skeletons sidequest, and will unlock the Living Quarters.

The third stone is found east of Cyseal where you will fight several fire enemies. After fighting a large lava monster you should come across the stone on the road. This stone will unlock one of four rooms. Each room will have a specific element attached to it, and a vendor inside that will sell spell books of a given type.

The fourth stone can be found with Braccus Rex during the Myserious Murder main quest. It is hidden in one of the chests in the chamber, and will unlock Halls of Secrets.

The fifth stone can be found in The Initiation quest, after solving all the riddles. You’ll be able to acquire another element room of your choice.

The sixth stone is found after completing The Initiation quest, and the seventh one in the church after the quest, beneath a cover.

The sixth one will unlock the Hall of Darkness, where you can reset and reinvest your skills and change them. The seventh will unlock another element room of the remaining two.

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