Watch Dogs Criminal Convoys Guide For Road Rage Achievement/Trophy

By   /   May 28, 2014

Criminal Convoy missions revolve around intercepting a Convoy carrying one or more than one VIPs within allotted time space lest you will fail the mission.

Although most of the missions encourage killing the VIPs, a few require you to knock them out using your baton. Each VIP during these missions has two or more cars of bodyguards by his side with more reinforcements waiting at the back end.

Watch Dogs Criminal Convoys

Just like Crime Detection, you’ll receive automatic notifications related to Criminal Convoys by ctOS System or profiling random citizens.

Like I have mentioned above, it is crucial to intercept a VIP before he reaches his destination, and more reinforcement will arrive at the scene as soon as you hit them. Therefore, it is very important that you prepare yourself for a good launching attack.

Since the complete route of a VIP will be available on your map, you can get ahead of them and make the necessary arrangements.

Make sure that you make good use of Steam Pipes and Blockers, both of which are proven to be extremely useful. If you’re allowed to kill a target, perfectly hacking a Steam Pipe can make this job quite easy.

Furthermore, you can block a passage with a large truck with IEDs attached on it for the massive explosion. Grenade Launchers and Sniper Rifles are also good for taking out drivers.

After killing the VIP, you will be required to eliminate the rest of the crew or escape the area; both are equally easy.

There are 18 Criminal Convoy Missions and completing them all unlocks Road Rage Achievement/Trophy along with Destroyer Weapon and Critical Focus Skill.

Small Town Justice
Location: Pawnee
This mission requires you to knock out two targets accompanied by two Enforcers and three Elites. Since you cannot kill the targets, it is crucial that you devise such a plan which doesn’t involve killing these targets.

Try to get ahead of the pack and you will come across old railway tracks with Blockers in front of them. You need to use these Blockers to your advantage by placing a couple of IEDs in front of the Blockers.

Your primary goal here should be blowing up the car carrying Enforcers (which is leading the covey) because rest of the mission is pretty easy.

Parker Pursuit
Location: Parker Square

This mission requires you to kill one VIP target who will be accompanied by 5 Veterans.

Get ahead of the pack and you will see that there are three Steam Pipes on the route which can easily take out all vehicles. The third Steam Pipe has some good cover around it which can come in handy.

Blow up the cars at the third Steam Pipe and take out the rest with anything you like. You can also place some IEDs on the Steam Pipe for more impact.

Made Men
Location: Parker Square

This mission requires you to knock out a Veteran VIP accompanied by three Veterans and an Elite soldier.

Out of all the Criminal Convoy missions, this is the easiest one you will do. Just as the mission starts, you will see a Steam Pipe right in front of you. Blow it up to take out most of the soldiers followed by ramming your baton on the head of the VIP who will come out of his car to see what’s going on.

Into the Pit
Location: Chicago Fire Department

This mission requires you to kill a Veteran VIP accompanied by three Veteran soldiers and an Elite soldier.

This is yet another easy mission which can be done by utilizing the Steam Pipe on VIP’s route. Perfectly hacking the Steam Pipe would be sufficient to take out the target.

Even if it’s not, you can go ahead and drop in some shots before heading away in your vehicle.

Lords of the Wards
Location: The Wards

This mission requires you to knock out your target who will be accompanied by two Veterans and an Elite soldier.

For this mission, I would advise you to travel to the very end of the route and stop near Jay’s Garage. You will come across a Steam Pipe right outside Jay’s Garage.

Now, you need to hide in your car or someplace where the mobs won’t see you. And as soon as the first car reaches near the Steam Pipe, neutralize it.

If you are good at hiding, the mobs won’t call for reinforcements and you will be able to take them down along with knocking out the VIP for an easy completion.

Location: West Side

This mission requires you to take out a target travelling in a cement-mixing car and accompanied by six Elite soldiers.

The route taken up by the Criminal Convoy is a short one and you won’t have much time for planning out your attack; therefore, it is advised that you have a high-speed bike with you.

Since you won’t have much time to plan out your attack, your best bet is to get to a Steam Pipe right in front of a bar and wait for the truck to arrive (which shouldn’t take long).

Now, it is very crucial that perfectly time your hack of the Steam Pipe which will definitely stop the truck. Once the truck is stopped, you can take out a Grenade Launcher and hit the front or draw out any favorite weapon to finish the job.

Small completion time is the only thing that makes this mission difficult. If you manage the overcome it, the rest is a piece of cake.

Location: Industrial District (Brandon Docks)

In this mission, you need to take down an Elite soldier accompanied by four Veteran soldiers.

This is yet another easy mission that gives you plenty of time to breathe and plan your attack. Just as the mission starts, you will notice that the haphazard traffic will urge the target to come a halt.

This will give you a perfect opportunity to become a Marksman and shoot down your target from a distance and then making a run for your hideout. Simple and clean!

No Rules
Location: Shipping Yard (Brandon Docks)

This mission requires you to only knock down your target who will be accompanied by seven Elite soldiers and 2 Veterans.

For an easy completion, you should get ahead of the pack (you will have plenty of time) and find a perfect cover near a security checkpoint near Illinois Port Authority.

Make sure to make the vehicle carrying the VIP to come to a halt and deal with all the guards. Having a Grenade Launcher at your disposal can take out most of the vehicle and Elite Soldiers in no time.

Once you have dealt with the guards, run up to the target and deliver a quick blow of your baton on his head!

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