Wolfenstein: The New Order Collectibles Guide – Enigma Codes, Gold Items and Letters

By   /   May 21, 2014

All you perfectionists out there will be looking for yet more challenges that lay await in Wolfenstein: The New Order. For all those trophy hunters and collectibles lovers, there are three types of collectibles that can be found in the game.

Wolfenstein: The New Order Collectibles

The first, and the most common, are the Enigma Codes. These are files that can be found here and there in the game. Careful though, as these files can easily blend in with the paper and files-filled environment.

The second are the Gold Items. These are shiny, expensive real gold items of different variety. The thing that makes finding them difficult is that each and every one is unique. Sometimes you’ll be looking for a gold goblet, while other times you’ll be eyeing for a shiny golden pistol.

Last but not least are the Letters. These are the rarest of the collectibles, and only a handful of chapters actually feature them.

We have got all of them here for you, so if you’re having trouble finding them in the dense environment of Wolfenstein, then you’ve come to the right place.

Chapter 1

Enigma Code #1
Location: In the start of the chapter when you have to blow up the door with an explosive, immediately after the door falls you climb over it and look to the right. There is a doorway here that leads to a bunker, with the Enigma file on the bottom right.

Gold Item #1
Location: After blasting the door with the explosive, follow the tracks straight up and go between the two stairways that lead up to the catwalk with German soldiers.

There are a couple of crates at the end with an open vent behind them. Enter the vent and go left past the covered bodies. There will be a gold coin on the table here.

Enigma Code #2
Location: When you have the objective to “Reach the Castle Wall”, you’ll come across an open balcony with a large artillery Howitzer gun.

Go to the left of that area and up the stairways to a room (right doorway) where there will be three hand switches on the right wall. Pull those switches down to reveal a hidden room. Enter the room and grab the code from the table.

Letter #1
Location: Immediately after you get the second Enigma code (piece 1:2) in the first chapter, get out of the room with the switches and go through the other doorway.

Go up the first set of stairways and you’ll see a room to your right with red lighting and bunk beds. A letter lies on one of the beds here.

Gold Item #2
Location: After getting the first Letter from the bunk bed room, go up the second stairway and to the left of the mounted machinegun.

Go through the doorway here, midway in the hall you’ll come across a large crate with a cloth on top of it. Crouch and look behind the left part of the cloth to spot a gold goblet cleverly hidden there.

Engima Code #3
Location: When you’re attacked by the mechanical dog and (eventually) saved, go through the doorway where the robot came from. There is a set of Enigma files laying on the crates right in front of you.

Gold Item #3
Location: When you’re inside the castle and attempting to meet up with your remaining friends, go to the large main hall. There is one room here with paintings and a dining table.

Behind the dining table is a another wall table with a gold chalice.

Enigma Code #4
Location: Immediately after picking up the third Gold Item, move out of the room and track back to the area with the broken floor and wooden planks. Instead of crossing this place, jump down carefully through the broken floor onto a cupboard. To the left you’ll notice the files on a crate.

Gold Item #4
Location: When in the castle, you’ll eventually arrive in a round room with a spiral staircase in the center, and a large painting of a General in the center of the room.

Go right from the statue and you’ll see a few covered crates. To the right of the crate is a sword-wielding statue. The sword is a gold item.

Enigma Code #5
Location: Immediately after getting the golden sword in the room with the large painting of the General, go to statue to the left of the painting.

You can pull the statue’s sword to reveal a hidden doorway behind the painting. Enter it, go up the stairs and through the narrow corridors to end up near the vent.

A guard will be in the room behind the vent – kill him and look on the table to find the code.

Gold Item #5
Location: When moving southwards towards the courtyard, you’ll come across a hallway with barrels and crates blocking the left side of a pillar. Go behind these crates and break the one next to the wall to reveal a gold Trophy.

Enigma Code #6
Location: Once you have to “jump across” in the open circular portion of the castle, head rightwards from the mounted machinegun over some crates and past a door with the Swastika emblem.

There will be an elevated destroyed wall on the right here, with the files laying on the platform.

Engima Code #7
Location: When you’re in the room with the dead bodies while your comrades attempt to open the doors, you’ll need to search for a key. There are two drawers in the northern part of the room. Open the drawer on the right to find the files.

Chapter 2

Enigma Code #8
Location: When you need to find Anya, go through the hallway in the house and up the stairs which are blocked by furniture. Next to the furniture on the ground are the Enigma Code files.

Letter #2
Location: After getting the eigth Enigma file (first in Chapter 2), head down the stairways to the ground floor and to the right. Then go through the left doorway.

Move forward till your reach a set of stairways leading upwards. Midway while climbing the stairs there will be a small hole in them. If you look through this hole you’ll notice a secret room with a guy standing there.

Shoot him, track back and you’ll notice an opened vent near the ground in the room before. Enter it and grab the letter on the box to the left of the person you killed.

Gold Item #6
Location: Outside the house in the courtyard you’ll notice a fancy convertible parked in front of you. Look under its front bumper to find a Swastika shaped golden hood ornament.

Chapter 3

Gold Item #7
Location: When you have Keller hostage, go to his left side to a table with some torture tools on it. Along with the tools is a gold pocket watch.

Letter #3
Location: After grabbing the Gold Item 7 when you have Keller in tied up in the chair, go to the southern table, open the drawer, and wear the goggles. Look at the drawer again and you’ll notice a letter was laying underneath the goggles you just wore.

Enigma Code #9
Location: When you’re outside in the rain, go to the building on the left. You’ll notice a ditch in front of it with a broken sewer pipe. Go through the pipe and immediately look to your right to find the files in the corner.

Enigma Code #10
Location: After grabbing the ninth Enigma Code, track back out of the pipe and ditch and then move forward, and then cut left.

Go past the building that was on your left till you find a small wooden office. On the left outside wall of the office you can find the Enigma Code files pinned up next to some weird looking sketches.

Gold Item #8
Location: After getting the tenth Enigma Code from the left wall of the wooden office, head to the opposite wall and crouch down to notice a small golden egg that can be seen through an opening in the corner.

Enigma Code #11
Location: Once you have grabbed both the tenth Enigma Code and the eighth Gold item, head north of the wall where you got the golden egg from to the large building.

Climb up and enter the left doorway which leads to a room with bunk beds. Go past this area and then up the stairs to the left in the next room. You can find the Enigma Code file on the furthest table.

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