The Elder Scrolls Online Dragon Knight Builds Guide – Adrent Flame, Draconic Power and Earthen Heart

By   /   May 16, 2014

In The Elder Scrolls Online, the Dragon Knight wields the power of fire and dragons to deal insane amount of damage to enemies. They can easily take out a group of weak enemies or much stronger individuals.

The Elder Scrolls Online Dragon Knight Builds

Dragon Knight has three distinctive Skill Trees which are explained below:

Ardent Flame

As the name suggests, Ardent Flame comprises of skills which deal fire damage to enemies. Most of these skills deal decent initial damage followed by continuous minute damage.

DragonKnight Standard – Ultimate Ability
With this skill, enemies will take 7 Flame Damage after each second and will have 50% less healing for 12 seconds.

  • Cast Time: Instant
  • Target: Self
  • Range: 15 meters
  • Radius: 8 meters
  • Duration: 12 seconds
  • Cost: 200 Ultimate

Active Skills

Fiery Grip
Pull an enemy towards you for 11 Fire Damage

  • Cast Time: Instant
  • Target: Enemy
  • Range: 18 meters
  • Cost: 53 Magicka

Searing Strike
It deals 11 Flame Damage and 15 Flame Damage over 8.5 seconds

  • Cast Time: Instant
  • Target: Enemy
  • Range: 5 meters
  • Cost: 18 Magicka

Fiery Breath
It deals 5 Flame Damage in a cone and sets enemies on fire for 12 Flame Damage for 8 seconds

  • Cast Time: Instant
  • Target: Cone
  • Radius: 10 meters
  • Cost: 35 Magicka

Lava Whip
It deals 19 Flame Damage and sets enemies off-balance

  • Cast Time: Instant
  • Target: Enemy
  • Range: 8 meters
  • Cost: 35 Magicka

It deals 2 Flame Damage every 1 second

  • Cast Time: Instant
  • Target: Area
  • Radius: 5 meters
  • Cost: 3 Magicka per second

Passive Skills

Increases the damage of Fire Damage by 33%

Increases the damage of Ardent Flames that snares the enemies by 15% for 2 seconds

Searing Heat
Increases the duration of Fiery Breath, Searing Strike, and DragonKnight Standard for 2 seconds

World in Flame
Increases the damage for abilities that effect an area by 3%

Draconic Power

This Skill Tree revolves around skills which provide you with certain buffs along with a decent damage. Players who tend to opt for a tank should invest in this Skill Tree as it provides decent Health Regeneration.

Dragon Leap – Ultimate Skill
It deals 39 Physical Damage to enemies within 6.5 meter radius

  • Cast Time: Instant
  • Target: Enemy
  • Range: 8-20 meters
  • Radius: 6.5 meters
  • Cost: 150 Ultimate

Active Skills

Spiked Armor
Increases Armor by 25 for 17 seconds and deals 2 Physical Damage

  • Cast Time: Instant
  • Target: Self
  • Duration: 17 seconds
  • Cost: 42 Magicka

Dark Talons
Stuns nearby enemies for 3.5 seconds and deals 12 Physical Damage

  • Cast Time: Instant
  • Target: Area
  • Radius: 8 meters
  • Duration: 3.5 seconds
  • Cost: 53 Magicka

Dragon Blood
Grants 25% of lost health and increases health regeneration by 40% for 20 seconds

  • Cast Time: Instant
  • Target: Self
  • Duration: 20 seconds
  • Cost: 56 Magicka

Reflective Scale
Reflects all spell projectiles for 4 seconds

  • Cast Time: Instant
  • Target: Self
  • Duration: 4 seconds
  • Cost: 53 Magicka

Receive 5 health from nearby enemies and deal 11 Magic Damage after 2.5 seconds

  • Cast Time: Instant
  • Target: Area
  • Radius: 8 meters
  • Cost: 53 Magicka

Passive Skills

Iron Skin
Block extra 5% damage.

Burning Heart
While the Dragon Ability is active, increase healing by 6%.

Elder Dragon
Increase health regeneration by 2% for each Dragon Ability slotted.

Scaled Armor
Increases Spell Resistance by 2.

Earthen Heart

This Skill Tree lets you run around the area supporting your allies and dealing damage to enemies at the same time. It will not allow you to get into the fray, but you will be constantly supporting your teammates.

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