Target Includes 12 Months of Xbox Live in $450 Xbox One Titanfall Bundle

By   /   2 years ago

Retailers continue to swarm consumers with attractive Xbox One bundles, the latest including a year long subscription of Xbox Live.

The highly popular Xbox One Titanfall bundle already comes with a month’s subscription. Target is now including an additional 12 months of free time, all for the same $450 price tag.

Breaking down this new deal, we see the retail offering Microsoft’s new console for just $330. Surely you can’t find a better deal than this and it won’t be at all surprising to see this bundle being sold out in quick time. Those who have so far been waiting for an attractive offer should take this opportunity and grab a unit.

Prior to this retailers Walmart and Best Buy were already selling the Xbox One Titanfall bundle and the Forza 5 console bundle for the same $449. Even without Target’s new free 12 months Gold subscription, the offers stand as good. It would be even more nerve wrecking to see them follow suit and add free time from their end as well.

It’s been less than five months since the console launched and every couple of weeks we witness new found Xbox One bundles. At this rate, you could very well see the Xbox One selling at a sweet price by the holiday season.

Source: Target

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  • s3ltzer

    Wow. Microsoft is DESPERATE. Last minute push before X360 is officially release. Shows that the sales of the TF XBone Bundles have not been as MSFT expected.

    • trfe

      It’s target that does these sales. Not microsoft.

    • trfe

      Retail exclusives is what xbox one has plenty of in 2014. Titanfall. Sunset overdrive. Quantum break. D4. Halo 5. Plus indie games.

      All ps4 has is infamous. MLB the show. Drive club. The order(which is getting pushed to 2015).

      Far better exclusives on xbox one.

      • THEundying27

        We have yet to see any real game play from halo 5, the order, or quantum break so for you to say X box one has better exclusives when you or anyone has yet to play these games has no merit. Your drunk, go home.