Dark Souls 2 Fragrant Branch of Yore Locations Guide

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Fragrant Branch of Yore is an item which is used to negate the effects of petrification on you or other NPCs.

Curing NPCs from the effects of petrification will lead to new merchants, valuable items, and other bonuses. In this guide, I will be sharing some of the locations of these rare items and where to use them.

Dark Souls 2 Fragrant Branch of Yore Locations

Fragrant Brach of Yore #1
Location: Shaded Woods
While on your way to Scorpioness Najka, you need to unpetrify a blocked door inside the ruins. Head inside and you will get the Yore Branch along with Lion Mage Armor.

Fragrant Brach of Yore #2
Location: Shaded Woods
Once you have defeated the Scorpioness Najka, wear the Ring of Whispers and speak with the Manscorpion Tark to obtain another Yore Branch.

Fragrant Brach of Yore #3
Location: Harvest Valley
Just before heading to the second Bonfire in the area, enter a cavern on your right to obtain the third Yore Branch. This cavern will be immediately on your right after coming out of the first Poison Valley.

Fragrant Brach of Yore #4
Location: Harvest Valley
From the Mines Bonfire in the area, you need to head inside a room and bring down a wooden wall which will unleash several Sickle-Equipped enemies. Take them out and grab the fourth Yore Branch from this room.

Fragrant Brach of Yore #5
Location: The Gutter
This Yore Branch will be in plain sight before heading to the first Bonfire in The Black Gulch.

Fragrant Brach of Yore #6
Location: Sinner’s Rise
Once you have taken out The Lost Sinner, look for this Yore Branch inside a chest.

Fragrant Brach of Yore #7
Location: The Black Gulch
Once you have taken out the two Giants, head to the Hidden Room Bonfire and drop down on to a platform. The room with the seventh Branch Yore will be located at the backside of the cavern.

Fragrant Brach of Yore #8
Location: Iron Keep
Head over to the Magerold of Lanafir and buy it for 7,500 Souls.

Fragrant Brach of Yore #9
Location: Brightstone Cave Tseldora
Once you have killed the Duke’s Dear Freja, head inside the Library and grab the ninth Yore Branch.

Where to Use Yore Branches

Travel to Shaded Paths in the area and find Rosabeth of Melfia blocking a door. Use a Yore Branch to unpetrify her which will permanently unlock her as a Merchant.

The Lost Bastille
Before you head in to The Sinner’s Rise, climb up the tower with hollows. There, you will find Straid of Olaphis blocking a Bonfire. Unpetrify him to get the Soul Trader.

The Shaded Woods
While in the Shaded Woods, the first enemy you need to unpetrify will be near the first Bonfire. After that, head inside cave where you will be able to unpetrify Weaponsmith Ornifex who is also a Soul Trader.

The Shaded Woods
While you are on your way to Manscorpion Tark, wear the Ring of Whispers and talk to him. Also, note that, talk to him after defeating the boss of the area.

The Shaded Woods
Before heading to the Scorpioness Boss area, there will be another petrified enemy blocking the path which can be unpetrified by using a Branch Yore.

Doors of Pharros
Near the second Bonfire, there will be multiple petrified enemies.

Have any other location that you would like to share with us, let us know in the comments below!

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