Assassin’s Creed 4 Errors, Crashes, Graphics, Launch Problems and Fixes

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This time around, you are going to re-live Edward Kenway’s legacy in Assassin’s Creed 4: Black Flag. Being a Pirate Assassin sure is a cool idea and Ubisoft has executed it perfectly.

After the game’s release on consoles, PC users had to wait more before they could also relish the joys of sea battles. It’s a usual practice that developers adopt these days so that they can get sufficient time to port the game to PC.

Anyhow, the wait is over as Assassin’s Creed 4: Black Flag has been released to the PC community. Although the game looks great on PC, it has some minor issues that need some attention.

Most of them can be resolved using temporary fixes and workarounds. So if you are looking for a fix, I will recommend that your browse through the workarounds listed below:

#1 Assassin’s Creed 4 Resolution Problem
Some users (especially the bootcamp users) have reported that the interface is appearing blurry and they can’t read anything. First thing you should do is update your drivers as Nvidia has rolled out an update optimized for Assassin’s Creed 4.

If your drivers are up to date, you should try changing the native resolution of your desktop or try running the game in windowed mode. If the text is blurry for the MAC Bootcamp users, they should make the text size 100% from the desktop graphics settings.

#2 Assassin’s Creed 4 Launch Errors
Since it’s a Uplay based title, launch problems are expected. You can do a few things to launch AC4 properly:

  • If you are getting an error that Uplay has stopped working, you should try re-installing Uplay manually.
  • If you have a problem where you press play and nothing happens, I will recommend that you try launching the game as admin through the AC4’s original “.exe” file.

#3 Assassin’s Creed 4 Screen Tearing Fix
There are chances that you might experience screen tearing on your machine even if you are meeting the recommended system requirements for the game. You can try a few tweaks to fix it.

  • Make sure that you haven’t forced Vsync to off from your Graphics Card’s software.
  • You should disable the in-game Vsync and force tripple buffering using any third party tool.
  • You can also use any software to limit your frames to 56-60. This can help in reducing the screen tearing effect.

#4 Assassin’s Creed 4 FPS Fix (Recommended for Nvidia Users)
If you experiencing FPS drops and you are using a Nvidia card, I will suggest that you use the following workaround:

  • Right click desktop->Nvidia control panel->Manage 3d settings->Program settings-> and select Switch power management mode.
  • You should change the option to “Prefer maximum performance”.

If you are using a laptop, it’s recommended that you plug in your charger to experience better performance.

#5 Assassin’s Creed 4 Multiplayer Crash Fix
Users who are facing multiplayer crashes should try the following fixes:

You need to find mp_ini file for Assassin’s Creed 4 in your documents. Delete the file and when you launch the game next time, a new one will be created and you will be able to play normally.

If you are using multi-monitors, you should try using the single screen to fix it. It’s not a permanent solution but that’s all you have got till Ubisoft patches it up officially.

#6 Assassin’s Creed 4 – Uplay Not Connecting Fix
It seems like that Uplay is not too friendly with proxy related configurations. If you can’t manage to connect the software, you should first try downloading a new copy from the official website.

If that doesn’t solve the problem for you, you should go to C:\Windows\System32\Drivers\etc and delete the files named as “hosts”. This should fix the issue.

#7 Assassin’s Creed 4 – Cannot Download Fix
If you aren’t able to start the download, there are a few things you should try:

First, make sure that your firewall/antivirus/security tools aren’t interfering with the downloading process. These tools may consider some Uplay files as a threat (they are false positives) and hence stopping the download.

Disable them momentarily to see if the download continues. You can then add an exception later on to make it work.

#8 Assassin’s Creed 4 Error – AC4BFSP.exe has Stopped Working
If you haven’t restarted Steam after downloading the game, I will recommend that you do that first. Make sure that you have up-to-date drivers for your GPU. After updating drivers, you must restart your PC to make the changes work. Verifying game files has also fixed the problem for some users.

#9 Assassin’s Creed 4 Sound Issue Fix
I am not sure that this fix will work for you or not but it has helped some people out there (also with the previous assassin’s creed games). So, here goes:

  • In Start menu, go to run and type DXdiag in it.
  • After the directx window opens, go to the sound tab.
  • Here, you should try lowering the sound acceleration.

Try it and let us know in the comments whether it fixed the problem for you or not.

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  • GeT LeFt

    My PC is beast, and i played AC4 on it before. I wasn’t playing AC4 for a long time and now it does not work. Problem: I press the shortcut/.exe file and next to the cursor, i have loading blue circle. After a couple of seconds, the circle disappears and nothing happens. PLZ HELP!

  • Altaf

    My assassin game says: The prodecure entry point UPLAY_ACH_EarnAchievement could not be located in the dynamic link library C:Program Files (x86)Assassins Creed IV Black FlagAC4BFSP.exe.

    • REX jalali

      SAme problem here bro

    • REX jalali

      if u can fix the prob email me

  • Waji Ahmed

    I m using HP pavillion G6 -2305TX which has ATI radeon 7670 dedicated graphics …when i switch the graphics from integrated to dedicated then this games does no run and when i play the game on integrated then it runs but slow can i fix this problem can anyone help me out ,i m rookie in this case … thank u

  • JCstiggy

    Not sure what this problem is called, but whenever I run AC4, I’m getting a constant pull on the controls in one direction. Sort of like when controllers messed up and there is a constant input to the left or something even though you aren’t touching the joystick. I was trying to use an Xbox One controller initially with VJoy, so I uninstalled it, but still no luck. Controls are always pulling in one direction, making the game unplayable. Any solution?

  • Grey

    Question: 90% of the time, when I start AC4, the Logo of Ubisoft etc etc won’t show up, but I do hear the sound, after that I get the menu, I can play, but it looks like no textures were load. So the gameplay is VERY dark!
    Yesterday I updated my videocard, I ran the game, and it worked fine!
    Today,… back to black…

    Any idea?

  • Xianne Pol

    My assassin game says: The prodecure entry point UPLAY_ACH_EarnAchievement could not be located in the dynamic link library C:Program Files (x86)Assassins Creed IV Black FlagAC4BFSP.exe.

    • vin

      having the exact same problem with my new rig @@ whats your windows ? mine runs on windows 8

  • blazerr

    my game crashes after i play and complete mission overrun and outnummbered but after it it stucks a black screen and ctrl+alt+del

  • twong

    I bought Assassins creed 4 on amazon for pc, steam download, it was fine
    for a while, then now it just crashes now every time I launch it. It
    says ac4bfsp.exe. has stopped working and it just shows a black screen. I
    Updated my drivers, didn’t work, uninstalled and reinstalled, didn’t
    work, Also validated game files, and they didn’t work, and then i
    deleted my save game file and that didn’t work. I meet the requirement’s
    so thats not the problem either, can someone please help me find a
    solution? Any help is appreciated.

  • sai ram

    for me during the gameplay in some locations i getting red dots on screen can u help me to fix it

  • Bryce

    When i go to play it, it wont play? this only started happening after it updated..?

  • LuckyTheBeast

    i did the fix you suggested and it worked for me but the next day my AC4BF-MP is not working showing the same error ! i again tried your fix but this time it failed :(
    plzz help me

  • Jason

    i cannot save the game after quit

  • Yannick

    I have a problem when i start up the game its fine once i’m in the game my mouse and keyboard stop working. HELP ME

  • adrian

    I have a problem, when the game launches, my screen just goes black after I click space bar when the first intro shows up, (the one with just a text saying this game is based on history) please help guys :(

    • Risen

      Run the game from the “Assassin’s Creed 4” folder.

  • diego

    Plzzz help , game runned properly at first but after i restarted my laptop it stops Responding while starting the app.
    If the prob is the graphic card but y did it opened the game at hirst properly?

  • imnoob

    about the sound issue when i open dxdiag i can’t lowering the sound acceleration becuz there is no button at all

    • rattlesnake_906

      Are your sound cards drivers up to date?

  • Dark

    When I launch the game and come to the main screen, Idk what it is but the controls or something causes it to always go to the bottom of the screen, even when I’m playing the game I have to constantly keep pushing the up button to ensure that it doesn’t look down, can somebody please help me?

    • Deryl

      Have the same problem! From time to time Pers just start to walk back and no other control work any more – only ESC. When press ESC, there is the same problem. Looks like down arrow is pressed, but it its not. Restart of game helps. But you never know for how long :(

  • Kevin

    When I change Resolution to 1024 x 768 or other, The screen won’t help me calibrate it. Just see a small screen on centre. Just like wont Full Screen, But already Full Screen

    How to calibrate it? Help Me.

    • rattlesnake_906

      Try your desktop’s native resolution.

      • Kevin

        also same, have a small screen on centre..

  • ajish

    this PC version doesn’t even save at all…it shows saving at the bottom right corner..but after quitting the application…boooya…. 0% completion…. game resumes at Edward drowning after the first battle at Cape Binevista…. what to do… i even tried exiting through the animus… but nothing happens..same 0% completion…pls help….

    • rattlesnake_906

      Are you playing Steam version? Is your cloud feature turned on?

  • MHolguin87

    I’m having a problem with the game itself. My Xbox is saying that the disc is unreadable and I should clean the disc with a soft cloth and restart the console. It was giving me such a problem that I went and returned the game for a new one. That seemed like the logical choice. I started playing the new one, and it’s doing the same thing all over. And I’ve tried using two different xboxes, any suggestions??

  • Matt Benjamin

    “If the text is blurry for the MAC Bootcamp users, they should make the text size 100% from the desktop graphics settings”

    Widows 7 here. Had text zoom on since hooked up to the TV. This fixed everything, blurry menu, choppy audio, poor graphic quality.

    Thank you!

  • Super_Vegito

    I am currently using pistols but when I press 5-0 I cannot change to any tool and it goes back to pistols

    • rattlesnake_906

      Tried altering the controls?

    • king

      the same thing keeps happening to me and its really irritating

  • nicholas

    ive tried all this and still my game keeps charshing on start up

  • joseph

    I find out yes it fixed
    just Update your graphic card driver then let it be online to download some other things to
    it will work

  • GeezersGotGame

    I’m getting lots of artifacting of textures. i7-920 2.6ghz, 6GB RAM, HD 7970 and latest catalyst release drivers (not beta). Not sure what to make of this?

    • mk

      The procedure entry point Uplay_achearn acivement could not be located in dynamic link library
      What should I do?

  • Dirk

    I can’t run this game in windowed mode, anyone got a fix?

    • Guest

      I knw a way its simple just
      1.Send AC4BFSP.exe to the desktop and run it.
      2.Quickly click the Right mouse button.
      3.Keep it starts then refresh and click on the game
      4.Remember not to change resolution in windowed mode then it’ll go back to full screen and u need to do it again.
      Good LUCK.

    • Mufa AKA ACK47

      1.Start the game and quickly click on the Right mouse button
      2.keep it till the game starts then click The game And Play as a PIRATED ASSASSIN.

  • sriram easwar

    hi my problem is im unable to load the save games. Every time i ahve to start fresh . And im unable to see the progress or anything . I think its uplay connectivity issues . Can i delete host file

  • joseph

    I have a really bad problem
    a black screen
    and then ctrl+alt+del
    it has stoped working
    I couldnt fix it any way I did everything U can imagine
    if there was a way please tell me tnx cuz of these problem fix help its useful

    • TheBadDad

      I think I know the problem’s source.BAD COMPUTER.

      • TheDumbBadDad

        same problem to me my PC is i7 and a high end vcard, and to many people got that problem, stfu bish

    • tins

      i have the same problem, you are not alone.

      • Unhuman

        i too had the smae problem but fixed after i updated my graphic drivers to latest

    • Honorable Sir

      I have the same problem. Though I can get it to work. Once you launch and it goes into Uplay. before hitting “Play”, click one of the links to open the Forums. (it’ll launch your browser). then click play (without closing anything) and the game should start. This has worked every time for me. I’m running on a laptop M14X A-Ware, and the game is just flunky with drivers. Hopefully they’ll fix it eventually.

    • Sahar

      I have same problem a black screen but after exiting the bay in the end of movie.
      what should I do? I am sure that isn’t related to my computer

    • hussein

      me too

      i want to find solution