Battlefield 4 Crashes, Tweaks, Errors, FPS, Graphics, Lag and Fixes

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It’s time to experience the latest iteration in one of the biggest first-person shooter franchises. Battlefield 4 is here, and I am sure that PC gamers must be itching to test their machines with its jaw-dropping visuals.

The game did well in the beta, and the full game is also looking good overall. However, there are small issues that can spoil the fun for you. DICE would be fixing things along, but if you are looking for workarounds, you can browse through the following listing.

#1 Battlefield 4 – An Error Was Reported From EA Online Fix
The developer is aware of the problem and they are working on a permanent fix. In the meanwhile, you can try out the following workaround:

  • First, head to your Battlelog and click the Profile in the top-right corner.
  • Select “Change Soldier,” and you should see a list of soldiers associated with your account, one of which will be Active and highlighted in green.
  • Click the Active button next to one of your non-Active soldiers to set it as your primary, and then try to play Battlefield 4.
  • If you still receive the above error, try setting different soldiers to active and attempting to play again.

#2 Battlefield 4 – Origin Showing Overcharged Amount
It was a bug in the client and EA is aware of it. The problem however, has been fixed now and you will be able to see the right amount on your bill.

The extra amount that was being shown while purchasing through Origin store was not actually charged. If you still believe that you were charged extra, you should immediately contact support.

#3 Battlefield 4 Improved FPS/Performance
There are different ways to improve your experience in Battlefield 4. This is specially important when you have limited hardware resources. You can try out a custom config file and place it in the root BF4 folder. The name of the file will be user.cfg. You can add the following commands into it:

GameTime.MaxVariableFps 60
PerfOverlay.DrawFps 1
PostProcess.DynamicAOEnable 0
RenderDevice.Dx11Enable 0
RenderDevice.ForceRenderAheadLimit 1
RenderDevice.TripleBufferingEnable 0
WorldRender.DxDeferredCsPathEnable 0
WorldRender.FxaaEnable 0
WorldRender.MotionBlurEnable 0
WorldRender.SpotLightShadowmapEnable 0
WorldRender.SpotLightShadowmapResolution 256
WorldRender.TransparencyShadowmapsEnable 0

Obviously, you can change these values as they suite you best. If you have any other tweaks of your own, share with us in the comments below.

#4 Battlefield 4 Sound Looping Crash Fix
First things first, make sure that your GPU drivers are up to date.

If you are using any third party programs like Nvidia true audio, uninstall them to see if the crash goes away. Also, if you are realtek user, check on the manufacturer’s website to see if there are any updates for your hardware.

#5 Battlefield 4 Browser Plugin Fix
As you must know already that you need a browser plugin to connect via Battlelog. That plugin sometimes is unfriendly with your default browser due to some updates. You should try out other browsers to make it work.

If nothing works, I will recommend that you uninstall the plugin from the control panel manually and then re-install it. Also, do not login Origin instead try launching it through Battlelog. It will launch automatically once you start any Battlefield mode.

#6 Battlefield 4 DirectX Crash
First thing you should do is remove your directx and do a fresh install. You can also try out the following workaround:

Go to the control panel -> clock, language, and region -> region -> administrative tab -> current language for non-Unicode programs -> change it to English(US).

#7 Battlefield 4 Graphics Glitch/Flickering Fix
If your game is showing strange colors and you are experiencing flickering, you should uninstall your GPU drivers and do a fresh install. Simple update may not resolve the problem. Make sure that you are using 331.65 version of drivers for Nvidia cards.

#8 Battlefield 4 – Game Won’t Launch
If you are trying to launch the game through browser (Battlelog) and it isn’t working, you should refer to #5 for the possible fixes.

#9 Battlefield 4 – Server Connection Problems
You can do a couple of things to bypass this issue. First, try updating your Pb (punkbuster) manually. You can take help from this website on updating your PB.

Also, you can try opening ports if your connection is being blocked by NAT. The ports you need to open are as follows:

  • 60297 TCP
  • 9988 TCP

If nothing works, try switching your connection to bridge mode just to test if it’s the game’s problem or your connection’s. If the bridge mode works fine, you should contact your ISP.

#10 Battlefield 4 Stuck at the Blue Bar Loading Screen
If you are stuck at the blue loading bar screen, you should try disabling your antivirus. It’s actually the ‘Host Intrusion Prevention System’ that can cause problem.

#11 Battlefield 4 – DirectX function Device Error
You can fix it by using the following workaround:

First, go to my documents -> battlefield 4 -> settings -> profsave_profile
Open the profile in the notepad.
Press Ctrl+F to find the following value:

Render.OverallGraphicsQuality 0

You need to change the value “0” to 1 so that it will look like as following:

Render.OverallGraphicsQuality 1

Hopefully, this will resolve your problem.

#12 Battlefield 4 Crash – The game Has Stopped Working
It’s quite a notorious crashe that plagues many games. It can occur due to multiple reasons. First thing you should make sure that there is no third party software conflicting with the game. Just try disabling them to see if the crash persists or not. Yes, Xfire too.

You should try updating your directx using the files present in the Battlefield 4 folder. Make sure that you don’t have any pending windows updates and you have the latest .Net framework installed on your PC. You can also try running the game in windowed mode.

#13 Battlefield 4 – Random Crashes
Many users have reported in that their game keeps on crashing randomly around 5 minutes into the game. This is happening mostly to the users using Windows 8 (or higher) with Xfire installed. Xfire has compatibility issues on Windows 8. Disable Xfire, and you won’t face any crash.

#14 Battlefield 4 – Red Screen of Death with AMD cards
AMD rolled out a driver update on 30th of October. Update your drivers and it should fix the issue.

If you come across any other issues, comment and we will try to help you out!

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  • Exla2ez

    Hey, my battlefield 4 keep crashing after only 1 Minute! and I dont no what to do no message nothing appear ( Windows 8.1 :( 64 bit )

    Plz help if you can :)

  • Kobus Nel

    99% Of the time Xfire gave me the DirectX error when trying to connect to a server. Closed it and no more DX errors. But still have the occasional crash.

  • Joshua Barnwell

    What should I do if I can’t get past the very first loading screen that comes after you calibrate ur screen? Iv gotten 2 different copies and had the same problem with both

  • GtaFreak011

    How do I know if I have the right version of Nvida? I’m really bad at compuers

  • GtaFreak011

    How do I re install my CPU drivers that you said I could try if was having the flashing screen thing problem?

    • rattlesnake_906

      Go to control panel. And uninstall your AMD/Nvidia video drivers. Download the latest drivers and run the setup.

  • DG RaGe

    Hey Ali! I have a huge question for you, so basically I have a PC more than capable of playing this game on high settings, that being said I am super frustrated. I fired up the campaign and right off the bat, it was extremely slow, my fps sucked, it felt like I had a horrible frame rate lag like many get in a multiplier server when you can’t even look around. I adjusted my settings down to medium just to see if that was the issue and it didn’t help, and obviously made the game almost unbearable in terms for looks which I’m not really willing to settle for since I have a nice PC. Any suggestions or ideas as to what could be the issue? It also happens in multiplier.

    • rattlesnake_906

      Your system specs? Did you try the fixes mentioned in the article.

      • Reco2

        It keeps asking for Punkbuster even though it is already on!

        • rattlesnake_906

          Try manually updating the punkbuster as mentioned in the article.

  • Icy

    Hey Ali. Thanks for posting this, as I’m sure the workarounds will help quite a bit. I’m experiencing a crash which occurs mid-game, but isn’t tied to sound or anything in particular. The crash message just says that the BF4 client has gone under. This is in single player and multiplayer mode, though single player tends to hang in there longer. Multiplayer consistently fails after 5 minutes of gameplay.

    Got any hints? My machine will run the game at ultra settings, and I’ve updated punkbuster and my video card drivers.

    • Ace

      yeah me too!
      Im having issues too!

    • rattlesnake_906

      Your system specs will help. Is it the first time you are facing the issue? What version of drivers are you using?

      • Icy

        i7 3770, 16GB RAM, Nvidia GTX 680 FTW+, Win7 64-bit

        Video card driver updated with the latest drivers as of launch date (331.65)